4 Of The Best Hi-Gloss Laminates For Kitchen Cabinets

Are you tired of the greasy stains on your kitchen counter and cabinets?

Not anymore! Redesign your kitchen cabinets with the classy and elegant Lucida range of laminates.

While redecorating kitchens, people are often confused about which laminates to use. If they go for quality, the texture and colour options are limited. If they go for beauty and looks, the quality might have to be compromised, and their kitchen furniture might be at risk.

How about getting both great looks and even better durability in one laminate?

The exclusive range of Lucida Laminates is your answer! With a classic glossy look and a build stronger than ever, the Lucida Laminates range will never disappoint you in any aspect.

This stunning range of laminates comes in 4 stunning varieties as follows:

Lucida Stones

If you are going for an old-school and aesthetic look in your house, the Lucida Stones laminate is one of the best options. Create a whole different aesthetic with the classic warm look, and decorate your kitchens with quality laminates. Your kitchen will give off a striking impression with this laminate.

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Lucida Woodgrain:

If you like lush green forests with strong and old tree trunks, you will definitely like the woody texture this laminate provides. Inspired by the natural themes around the adventure of the forests, this laminate is everything an adventure would want in their house.

Lucida Glitters:

If you like sparkling and glossy colours, you will fall in love with this shiny and glossy kitchen laminate design. Its heat and impact resistance ensures maximum durability and a long-lasting glossy look. This makes it a great option for kitchen tops. Perfect for giving a classy and chic look to your kitchens!

Lucida Solids:

If you are into classic solid colours with striking contrasts, this range of Lucida Solids is your best option. It gives the room a classy yet subtle look if you go for lighter shades and contrasts. It is great if you want a subtle and smooth design for your kitchen. Make your walls and furniture even more noticeable with these striking laminates.

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Features of the Lucida Laminates:

With classy and elegant looks, these laminates will also provide strong protection for your kitchen. From the heat of appliances to oil and grease stains, you need not worry about anything damaging these superior-quality laminates. Here is how your kitchen cabinets will get the ultimate protection with Lucida Laminates by Century Laminates.

Scuff resistance:

No more worrying about scuffing around the kitchen. With Lucida laminates, your kitchen will look shiny and sparkling clean without any scuff.

Impact resistant:

Dropping utensils, glasses, or anything heavy on your laminates is longer a reason for your worry with Lucida Laminates. The material is extremely strong and durable, making it impact-resistant. Hence, it is completely safe to be installed in the kitchen since it will protect the surfaces from any damage.

Antiviral and antimicrobial properties:

The laminate is protected with ViroKill technology which ensures protection from microbes and viruses. It kills 99.99% of the bacteria immediately on contact, giving you a hygienic kitchen.

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Glossy everlasting shine:

The gloss and shimmer on this laminate are not leaving your cabinets anytime soon. With a strong build and quality materials, the shine on your cabinets will not fade regardless of what is spilled on them or how long ago you installed them!

Heat and stain resistance:

There is no need to scrub your kitchen for hours anymore. With a single wipe, your laminate will look good as new! You also need not worry about the heat from your kitchen appliances damaging your laminate since the material is heat resistant.


These were the 4 best laminate designs for your furniture and their benefits. The Lucida range of laminates will definitely surprise you with its strength, durability, heat, impact resistance, and much more.
Design your kitchen countertops with Lucida laminate countertop sheets and see the magic of the kitchen unfold! Go on culinary adventures with your family and forget about the worry of damaging your counters or cabinets.

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