How to Check the Original CenturyPly with the Steps?

Plywoods are engineered woods in which a variety of mechanical processes are used to bind thin wooden layers together. CenturyPly manufactures the most genuine and authentic plywood in India. They provide plywood with a high degree of strength and rigidity.

The market has seen an increase in counterfeit plywood. Many plywood manufacturing enterprises rip off clients by charging inflated costs for fake goods while earning undeserving profits out of it. A new application called CenturyPromise by the CenturyPly Company has been launched to combat such fake businesses.

Contractors, distributors, merchants, and customers can all use the CenturyPromise app. Customers can use it to check the legitimacy of the plywood they bought, obtain an electronic warranty certificate, and keep up with the latest deals and discounts. Vendors, consultants, and retailers must sign up for the application with legitimate identification documents to use the app to build customer trust by being open and honest about the authenticity of their goods. They may also use the app to issue electronic warranty certificates to their clients.

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Steps to determine if the plywood is real and of high quality:

1. Fix the area where you want to use the plywood.

  • Consider purchasing Commercial or MR quality-grade if you are purchasing plywood for furniture in areas such as a bedroom or living room.
  • If you’re getting plywood for bathroom or kitchen furnishings, you might want to think about going with Gurjan or Water-resistant plywood.

2. Ascertain ISI authorization.

  • ISI certification is always included in the best plywood. Marine or water-resistant plywood is IS:710, while commercial plywood is IS:303. Always look beneath the ISI logo and check the plywood CML number.

3. Check for any voids or uneven surfaces.

  • Some plywood could be imperfect due to its thickness or have gaps; such plywood is not real or of high quality.

4. Verify the plywood’s capacity to hold nails.

  • If high-strength plywood does not break or get damaged after being hammered with a nail, the plywood is of poor quality.
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CenturyPromise App

Although plywood can be analyzed manually by examining the thickness, ISI mark, exterior appearance, warranty, and other variables, the best method to verify it is by using the CenturyPromise app. Analyzing Digitally is considerably superior to human calculation since it is less likely to yield inaccurate results. Retailers and dealers alike can use this programme to verify the quality of the plywood before use. The application can be used as follows:

  • Firstly, to install the application to your device, go to the google play store or app store and search for “CenturyPromise‚ÄĚ.
  • Now open the application and create an account with your details.
  • After the competition of registration, sign in to the account.
  • Once you log in, there will be two options for uploading and typing the QR.
  • You can either scan the QR code or type the code.
  • After scanning or typing the code, the product’s thickness, size, and unique code will be displayed.
  • If the product is original, it will be displayed as a genuine product. If the product is fake, it will be displayed as the product is not genuine.
  • An e-warranty card can be generated underneath the product description.
  • This e-warranty can be downloaded and stored on your device.
  • There is a feedback option in the application to improve the features and share your reviews.
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To conclude, by utilizing the CenturyPromise app, you can quickly ensure high-quality and original plywood by following the steps mentioned above. It is best to avoid buying the product using the brand name. Additionally, do not assume that because a thing is pricey, it must be authentic. If a commodity is expensive, many of us believe it to be of good quality. This is not true.

Utilizing the brand name, many fraudsters manufacture low-quality goods and charge exorbitant prices to consumers for them. Download this app for free to examine the plywood’s quality before purchasing in order to verify the plywood’s legitimacy.

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