How Much A Call Recorder for WhatsApp Will Cost Me?

The selection of a good spy app has become a mind-draining issue recently. There are so many options available that for once the decision-making seems like a hectic job. But detailed research and knowing what you want or need is the key to success. Don’t just rush into choosing any app just because someone had good things to say about it or it has good reviews on the web. It is always right to try the app and then decide. For most of the most part, one of the major concerns is pocket-friendly deals and bundles for soy apps and monitoring software.

The criteria for choosing an app are different for different people. The most common and demanding features include the spy call recorder for android phone, Location tracking, Screen alerts and other social media monitoring. If budget is your major concern then you must get an authentic app that does not compromise on the services but offer pocket-friendly deals. TheOneSpy is one of the apps that offer this type of service to its users.

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Free App Might Be Easy But Its Not Safe Option:

Free apps option may sound easy way out to some but believe it is not that easy. There are so many complications and frustrations attached to choosing a free app. First of all, there is no guarantee of the safety of the data. As you are not paying even a penny you don’t know how or where the call recorder for the WhatsApp feature is saving your important data. Thus it is always wise to choose an economical app that offers your desired features.


TheOneSpy offer economical bundle deals with all the basic and advanced features. Call recorder for WhatsApp Facebook, or any other social media monitoring or instant messenger chat app feature is included in all the packages. WhatsApp offers its services for cell phones. But there is a desktop version as well. The TheOneSpy can cover both versions for you. You can avail of the call recorder for WhatsApp for cellphones as well as desktops with the TheOneSpy. The details of the bundle are as follows.

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Call recorder for WhatsApp:

  • The call recorder for WhatsApp gives remote access to all the call-related activities of the target on WhatsApp. It includes the audio and video call details and more.
  • All the information is saved with complete data and time information. Thus when the call was made or received and the duration of the call everything is saved.
  • The call recorder for WhatsApp saves all the records on the online web portal. As TheOneSpy is a cloud-based app, all the data is saved online without any problems or security concerns.
  • Users can access the complete incoming and outgoing phone book record with the call recorder from WhatsApp features. Listen to important calls when you have got time. The feature can be successfully used for personal purposes, such as parental control and employee monitoring.
  • Record any important call with a client or customer or any personal call and get the benefits of the WhatsApp feature for yourself. All you need to do is install the app on your device. It will save all the WhatsApp call recording data on the web.
  • As employee monitoring, the call recorder for WhastApp can be incorporated for keeping a check on business calls.
  • Parents can install the call recorder for WhatsApp to keep a check on their kid’s activities. Know what kind of groups they have joined or if they are in bad company.
  • The call recorder for the WhatsApp feature keeps a record of private calls as well as group calls. You can listen to the call content and can take the necessary action required on time.
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A basic version can be used for a month and it cost 25$ per month. The standard deal is 90% and you can enjoy the services for 6 months. The final year package cost 120$. For windows and Mac, the monthly package is 15$. A seasonal package containing all the basic and advanced features costs 60$ for 6 months. The user has to pay 75$ for 12 months in case of early bundle selection. Keep in mind that the yearly bundle is the popular bundle among TheOneSpy users.

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