Mi lifestyle Company Profile, products and Plan in 2024

Today we will know in this post that Full guide about Mi lifestyle marketing global private limited. In this post we will talk about Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited. Many questions come to our mind when we hear about Mi Lifestyle Business. Like we How to Join Mi Lifestyle Marketing?, benefits of Mi Lifestyle Business, what is mi lifestyle Company?, Mi Lifestyle Marketing Bonus. In this post today we will answer these questions.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt Ltd

Mi lifestyle Company
Mi lifestyle Company

Mi Lifestyle is an India’s leading Direct Selling, Network Marketing, or MLM Company. The full name of Mi Lifestyle is Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited. It started in 2013. Mi Lifestyle Corporate is registered with MCA. mi Lifestyle Marketing is working successfully since last 8 years. Mi Lifestyle India is one of the Top Direct Selling Companies.

mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited aims to provide the best of the best to the customer. And to uplift the lifestyle of the people. Mi Lifestyle Marketing is an ISO 9001:2018 certified company. Which certifies the legitimacy of this company.

The company is a respected member of IDSA: Indian Direct Selling Association. mi Lifestyle Marketing has also got the certificate of Best Healthcare Brand 2019. Apart from this, the company also has certificates like FSSAI, APEDA, HACCP, GMP etc.

Mi Lifestyle Vision

Empowering people to enhance their lifestyle with style by helping them achieve their ambitions in life

Mi Lifestyle Mission

Designing and modernizing our direct selling shopping model over time and paving an easier path to success for our distributors. Mi Lifestyle aims to provide products and services that fit the quality barometer very well and are affordable, reflecting our social responsibility towards the society.

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Benefits of Mi Lifestyle Business

Whatever are the benefits of doing network marketing business, they are all benefits of Mi Lifestyle Business. such as:-

  • The products of Mi Lifestyle are of international quality, and many times better than the local products of Traditional Market.
  • Mi Lifestyle gives you an opportunity to start a business.
  • Mi Lifestyle Products provide a healthy life.
  • Doing My Lifestyle can lead to a secure life.
  • There is a lot of social respect in My Lifestyle.
  • Time Freedom By doing My Lifestyle, you can get freedom of time.
  • Financial Freedom by doing My Lifestyle can get freedom of money.

Mi Lifestyle Products Price List

Direct Selling Company Mi Lifestyle Marketing has a wide range of 100+ products. My Lifestyle Marketing has a wide range of Agro Care, Health Care, Home Care and Personal Care.

Mi Lifestyle Products
Mi Lifestyle Products

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Products Category List

  1. Agro Care,
  2. Health Care,
  3. Home Care
  4. Personal Care
  5. Body Care
  6. Grocery
  7. Nutrition

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How to earn money in 2022 from Mi Lifestyle Business?

There are 2 ways to earn money in Mi Lifestyle Marketing.

1. Through Direct Selling

In this, money is earned by buying Mi Lifestyle Products at DP (Distributor Price) and selling them at MRP to the customer. Only up to 20% can be earned in this.

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For example, if you bought a Mi Lifestyle for ₹ 1000 (DP) and you sold that product to someone for ₹ 1200 (MRP), you got a profit of ₹ 200.

2. Through Network Marketing

To earn money from network marketing, we have to add people to our team, and make our own team. And whatever company turnover happens from our team. From the same turnover, the company distributes some money to the team according to the rules. Unlimited can be earned by doing network marketing. That is, the bigger our team, the more we can earn. When we do network marketing, my lifestyle business gives us 9 types of bonus.

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Mi Lifestyle Marketing Bonus

mi lifestyle marketing plan
mi lifestyle marketing plan

Direct Selling Company Mi Lifestyle Marketing works on Hybrid Plan. Which is a combined plan of Generation Plan and Binary Plan. As we have mentioned earlier that Mi Lifestyle Marketing is a network marketing company.

In this company we have to build our own team. When we join Mi Lifestyle Business, we are called distributors of the company. Mi Lifestyle pays 9 types of commission to its distributor. A Criteria has been set for each commission.

  1. Retail Profits
  2. Sales Turnover Bonus (Weekly Payout)
  3. Rank Income
  4. performance bonus
  5. Star Performance bonus
  6. Loyalty Bonus
  7. Royalty Income
  8. NTC Bonus
  9. Awards and Rewards

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Complete Income Plan

How to Join Mi Lifestyle Marketing?

There are 2 ways to join Mi Lifestyle Marketing.

  1. Anyone who is already working in Mi Lifestyle Marketing. So by contacting him, you can join with him.
  2. Joining can also be done from the website of Mi Lifestyle Marketing. For this, the person who is doing Mi Lifestyle Marketing to you. His Mi Lifestyle ID has to be taken. And you have to fill your full details. KYC will have to be done by uploading and uploading more documents, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Cancel Check.
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Click on the link to join the company from the website.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt ltd Company Details

Company CIN Number U74999TN2013PTC090049
ROC RoC-Chennai
Registration Number 92509
Company MD Mr. Kolla Sathya Narayana
Company Directors Mr. Hackeem Abdul Raihim and
Manmohan Singh Kishore Kumar
Incorporation Date / Age 14 March, 2013 / 8 yrs
Company Type Unlisted Private Company
Company Official Website milifestylemarketing.com
Company Head Office Address 2nd Floor, LANCO HOUSE,
No:25, G.N. Chetty Road, T, Nagar
Tamil Nadu – India


Now you know a lot about My Lifestyle Business. The way Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is doing its growth every year. The future of its distributor is secure. My Lifestyle Marketing Business can also be done Part Time like Second Source of Income. No Qualifications, Degrees, Experience, and Money are required in Mi Lifestyle Business. Here anyone, rich or poor, can earn money from Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt Ltd without any caste-religion discrimination.

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