Vestige Company Profile, products and Plan in 2024

You must have heard the name of Vestige Company at least now! Do you want to know that What is Vestige?. Then this topic is for you only. You should read this topic completely.

In this topic we will talk about the full information of Vestige Company and also know that Vestige. In this topic, we will give information about Vestige Management, Vestige Product, Vestige Turnover, Vestige Income Plan, and Vestige Marketing Plan.

Vestige company details

Vestige is a Network Marketing or Direct Selling Company. Which started with 3 people, Mr. Gautam Bali, Mr. Deepak Sood, Mr Kanwar Bir Singh together on 2 June 2004.

Today Vestige is working successfully in India as well as UAE, Oman, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, countries. Vestige is one of the Leading Direct Selling Companies in the world. Vestige has been ranked 36 in the 2021 Global 100 list of the world’s top direct selling companies by Direct Selling News. Vestige is the only Indian company to have received this recognition.

MLM Company Vestige is an ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, ISO 22000-2018, ISO 27000-2013, ISO 45001-2018 and ISO 50001-2018 certified company. Vestige has got many certificates apart from Halal Certificate, Quality Management System Certificate, Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate, and HADSA Certificate. Which certifies the legitimacy of this company.

Starting from 2 offices Delhi and Bangaluru on 2nd June 2004, today the company has successfully operating in 7 countries with more than 3500 online and offline sales outlets, multiple international offices and multiple distributor centers. Vestige has more than 10 million distributors, which are growing very fast every month.

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Vestige’s Success Journey

Vestige's Success Journey
Vestige’s Success Journey

Vestige Vision

Helping people to live life with economic freedom on their own terms.

Vestige Mission

To grow globally and set benchmark in Direct Selling.

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Vestige Management

vestige company
vestige company

Gautam Bali – Managing Director

After playing a key role in various direct selling companies as CEO and Consultant for decades, Mr. Gautam Bali founded Vestige. With his visionary guidance, Vestige is growing at an extraordinary pace every year and has become one of the top direct selling companies in the world.

Deepak Sood – Director

Deepak Sood has played an important role in various Direct Selling companies as an Outstanding Sales, Marketing & Operations Professional and a renowned Motivator. Through his gentle leadership skills, he has been leading the Vestige by constantly adopting innovative approaches. And training thousands of people every year through our specially designed training programs for Direct Selling Professionals.

Kanwar Bir Singh – Director

Kanwar Bir Singh has vast experience in managing IT solutions in the Direct Selling Industry for many years. Integrating information technology solutions to suit complex business processes and driving a big change through digital empowerment.

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Vestige Products List

My Vestige has wide range of products. Vestige has a huge range of FMCG, Health Supplements, Air Purifier, Water Purifier Cosmetic, Agri Products etc, world class products.

Vestige Products New Price List
Vestige Products New Price List

Vestige Products Category List

  1. Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine
  2. Consumable / Health Food
  3. Health Care / Food
  4. agri products
  5. business tools
  6. color cosmetic
  7. home appliance
  8. home hygiene
  9. mac drive
  10. men’s range
  11. oral care
  12. personal care
  13. uniform
  14. vestige essentials

Vestige Product List Updated 2022

Vestige Income Plan

Company Vestige works on Generation Plan. Vestige is a network marketing company. In this company we have to build our own team. When we join Vestige, we are called distributors of Vestige. Vestige pays 9 types of commission to its distributor. A Criteria has been set for each commission.

Vestige Plan
Vestige Plan
  • Bronze Director Bonus – 4%
  • Business Building Bonus – 14%
  • Car Fund – 5%
  • Elite Club Bonus – 2%
  • House Fund – 3%
  • Leadership Overreading Bonus – 17%
  • Performance Bonus – 5% to 11%
  • Retail Profit – 10% to 20%
  • Team Building Fund – 2%
  • Travel Fund – 3%

Vestige Complete Income Plan updated

What is Vestige Turnover?

Vestige Plan
Vestige Plan
  • Year 2004-05 – 5 Crore
  • Year 2005-06 – 10 Crore
  • Year 2006-07 – 30 crores
  • Year 2007-08 – 50 crores
  • Year 2008-09 – 50 Crore
  • Year 2009-10 – 70 crores
  • Year 2010-11 – 89 Crore
  • Year 2011-12 -170 Cr
  • Year 2012-13 – 260 Crore
  • Year 2013-14 – 354 Crore
  • Year 2014-15 – 460 crores
  • Year 2015-16 – 650 Crore
  • Year 2016-17 – 846 crore
  • Year 2017-18 – 1120 Crore
  • Year 2018-19 – 1857 crore
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Now you know a lot about Vestige. The way Vestige is doing its growth every year. Its distributor’s future seems secure. So Vestige can be done Part Time like Second Source of Income.

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FAQ – vestige company

Who is the owner of Vestige Company?

Mr. Gautam Bali is the owner of Vestige Company.

What are the goods available in Vestige Company?

Vestige has a range of 400+ products. Click here to see the complete list of Vestige products.

When did Vestige start?

Vestige was started on 2 June 2004.

In how many countries does Vestige Company operate?

Today Vestige is working in India as well as UAE, Oman, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, countries.

Who is Gautam Bali?

Gautam Bali who is the owner of Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd company as well as 17 other company.

What is the business plan of Vestige?

To see the business plan of Vestige, visit this link.

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