AWPL company Details in 2024 – Asclepius Wellness Private Limited & AWPL business plan pdf

Today we will talk in detail about AWPL company Details & AWPL Business Plan in this post. We will learn about AWPL Company Plan and products in this post. We will not cover the topics given below in this post. such as :- AWPL Income Plan, AWPL Plan, AWPL Products List, AWPL company details, Asclepius Business Plan and Asclepius Wellness Plan.

We will cover all these topics in this article. If you want to know about AWPL company in full details, then read this post completely.

AWPL Company Details

AWPL is an India’s leading Direct Selling, Network Marketing, or MLM Company. The full name of AWPL company is A Asclepius Wellness Private Limited. Asclepius Company was started by the company’s MD and CEO Mr. Sanjeev Kumar did it on 9 November 2014 from an office in Delhi. The company is continuously taking its business to the villages of India. And making people aware of their health.

Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd is registered with Corporate MCA under Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India. And follows the rules and regulations of the Government of India. Asclepius is working successfully since last 7 years. Asclepius is one of the Leading Direct Selling Companies in India.

The company has many certificates. Such as Certificate of Corporate MCA, Ministry of Consumer Affairs certificate, fssai certificate, ISO 9001-2015 certificate, ISO 22000:2018 certificate, Ayurvedic certificate, Ayush Standard certificate, Halal certificate, WHO-GMP certificate along with many other certificates.

The company has been awarded with many awards, such as Bharat Shaurya Shree Award 2018, Sankalp Se Siddhi Award 2018, International Excellence Award 2019, India Greatest Brand 2018-2019 Award, Millennium Brilliance Award 2019. You can check all the certificates of the company by visiting this link.

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, MD of Awpl Company was awarded the Champions of Change Award 2018, he got this honor again in 2021. In 2019, the photo of Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, MD, Asclepius, was featured on the cover page of the August edition of the business magazine Forbes India. And his interview was also printed.

  • Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd aims at Healthy India Wealthy India, disease free India unemployment free India.
  • AWPL company is mission and vision. Healthy India Wealthy India
  • AWSL Company is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018 certified company. Which certifies the legitimacy of this company.
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Starting from 1 office Delhi in 2014, today the company is expanding very fast in every village of India. and is working successfully. Along with giving good health to the people, the company is also giving them a chance to make their own wealth. There are millions of distributors of Asclepius, which are growing very fast every month.

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Benefits Of AWPL Business

awpl income plan
awpl income plan

Whatever are the advantages of doing Direct Selling and Network Marketing business, they are all advantages of doing AWPL business. such as:-

  1. The products of Asclepius Wellness are many times better than the local products of Traditional Market. Which along with giving you good health can also give you wealth.
  2. Asclepius Wellness gives you the opportunity to start a business at a very low cost.
  3. Asclepius Wellness Products lead to a healthy life.
  4. Doing Asclepius Wellness Business can get a secure life.
  5. Gets a lot of social respect.
  6. Time Freedom Time freedom can be found.
  7. Financial Freedom Freedom of money can be found.

AWPL Products List

Direct Selling Company Asclepius Wellness has a wide range of products. Asclepius Wellness has a wide range of Oral Care, Health Supplements, Ayurveda etc, world class products.

awpl products
awpl products

Asclepius Wellness Products Category List

  1. Beauty Care Products
  2. Food Supplements
  3. Hair Care Products
  4. Health Care Products
  5. Home Care Products
  6. Oral care Products
  7. Personal Care Products
  8. Personal Hygiene Products
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AWPL Product List PDF Updated 2022 Download

How To Earn Money Form Asclepius in 2022?

There are 2 ways to earn money in Asclepius Wellness Business.

1. By Direct Selling

In this, money is earned by buying Asclepius wellness products at DP price and selling them at MRP. Only up to 30% can be earned in this.

For example, if you bought an Asclepius wellness product at ₹ 1000 (DP) and you sold that product to someone at ₹ 1200 (MRP), you made a profit of ₹ 200.

2. By doing network marketing

For this we have to make our own team. And whatever company’s business happens with our team. Some money from that business is distributed among the team according to the rules. Unlimited can be earned from this. The bigger our team, the more we can earn. When we do network marketing, Asclepius Wellness gives us 7 types of commission / bonus.

AWPL Income Plan – AWPL company & Plan

awpl income plan
awpl income plan

AWPL Business Plan

The company works on AWPL, Generation Plan. Asclepius is a network marketing company. In this company we have to build our own team. When we join Asclepius, we are called Distributors of Asclepius. Asclepius pays 9 types of commission to its distributor. A Criteria has been set for each commission.

  1. Ambassador Club Leadership Commission
  2. Lifetime Discount of Products Uses (Retail Profits)5% to 30%
  3. Monthly Sales Performance Commission
  4. Regular Sales Commission
  5. Sales commission
  6. Star Sales Leadership Commission
  7. Trips and Rewards

Asclepius Complete Income Plan 2022

What is Asclepius Turnover?

Year 2019-20 – 2000 Crore

how to join asclepius?

There are 2 ways to join Asclepius.

  1. Anyone who is already doing Asclepius. You can get in touch with him by contacting him.
  2. Can be joined from the website or app of Asclepius. For this the Person Asclepius is doing you. His Asclepius ID has to be taken.
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Click on the link to join the website.

Asclepius Company Details

Asclepius Full name Asclepius Wellness Private Limited
Asclepius CIN NUMBER U51909DL2014PTC272296
Asclepius GST NUMBER 07AAMCA9419N1Z0
Asclepius PAN number AAMCA9419N
Asclepius TIN Number 07476941162
Asclepius OWNER MR. Sanjeev Kumar
AGE OF Asclepius Company 7 Years
COMPANY TYPE Public Limited Company
Asclepius HEAD OFFICE Address Plot No. 18, Pocket-8, Block-C,
Near HDFC Bank, Sector-17,
Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075
Ph. : +91 11 28033739
Email Id

FAQ – awpl company

What does asclepius mean?

Asclepius Meaning is “God of Medicine”.

Who owns Asclepius Wellness?

Asclepius Wellness is owned by Mr. This is Sanjeev Kumar.

When was Asclepius Wellness Company founded?

Asclepius Wellness Company was established on 9 November 2014 by Mr. Posted by Sanjeev Kumar.

What is the benefit of Asclepius Wellness?

  1. The products of Asclepius Wellness are many times better than the local products of Traditional Market. Which along with giving you good health can also give you wealth.
  2. Asclepius Wellness gives you the opportunity to start a business at a very low cost.
  3. Asclepius Wellness Products lead to a healthy life.
  4. By doing Asclepius Wellness Business one can get a secure life.
  5. There is a lot of social respect.
  6. Time Freedom Freedom of time can be found.
  7. Financial Freedom Freedom of money can be found.

conclusion – awpl company

Now you know a lot about Asclepius. The way Asclepius is doing its growth every year. Its distributor’s future seems secure. So Asclepius can be done Part Time like Second Source of Income. Any Qualifications, Degrees, Experience, Money is needed in Asclepius Wellness. Here money can be earned in Asclepius Wellness even without any type of Rich/Poor people, any caste-religion discrimination.

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