what is a light pen? | 4 Types of light pen | Uses of light pen

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about LIGHT PEN, what is a LIGHT PEN? and how does it work and for what purpose it is used?

What Is a Light Pen?

What is a LIGHT PEN? : It is an input device of the computer that works to give commands to the computer, it is also called electronic pen, it looks like a simple pen but it is not used for writing on paper, it is mouse.

It is used in the same way that a wave of light emerges from the tip of this pen, this point is clicked by touching the icon made on the screen, this work is done in the same way that we click by moving the mouse pointer on the screen.

what is a light pen
what is a light pen

The tip of the light pen acts in a way like the Enter / Ok button, this pen has a thin tip at one end and a wire is attached to the other side, so that we connect that pen to the computer, but nowadays this pen is also wireless.

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It is even easier to use them, for this type of pen, we do not even need to install a separate driver or software!

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Types Of Light Pen

There are four types of light pen

  1. Battery Light Pen
  2. Corded Light Pen
  3. Design Light Pen
  4. LED Light Pen

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Uses of light pen

  1. Light pen is used in graphics design, it helps in making fine designs.
  2. Light pen is used for painting on computer.

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In this article we learned what is a LIGHT PEN?

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