Esc full form | Esc key OR Escape key

What is the Full Form of ESC? – ESC Full Form : ESC stands for – electronic switching center. I would like to tell you about an important key of the keyboard, which is called “ESC key”. We do not notice this key much, yet it has many uses.

So today we will know about some shortcuts of this ESC key, which work can be done by it? By the way, many people would know its shortcuts, but there are many such people who know at all about the shortcuts of this key.

What is the Esc key and its most important functions

Esc key is also a control key like Alt, Ctrl, Shift key in keyboard. When we type something with the keyboard, no good character is typed through it. The Esc key was very important for earlier operating systems in which commands were used. Like DOS, Unix etc.

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Where is the Esc key located on the keyboard?

On the left side of the keyboard, this is a button called “ESC Key”. This key is located right next to the Functions Keys.

Esc key
Esc key

Functions of Escape key

It is mostly used to cancel a command. like

  1. An open Dialog Box can also be closed with the Escape key without using the mouse.
  2. The website being loaded in a browser can be canceled by the Escape key. That is, the website is not allowed to load at all.
  3. It is also used in many games to cancel the call.
  4. The video’s shown in the full screen can be opened in Normal Mode by Escape Key through Media Player.
  5. It is also used to cancel the wrong entry in an input field.
  6. Open Start Menu or Pull Down Menu can be closed rapidly by Esc Key.

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Esc full form Is Electronic stability control

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Useful key Combinations with the Esc key

With Windows 10, there are two shortcuts that involve the Escape key:

  • [Ctrl] + [Esc] Open the Windows Start Menu. The same can be done by pressing the “Windows logo” key.
  • [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Esc] can open Task Manager by this.
  • Function key + ESC Key By this, by pressing Fn Key + ESC Key from the laptop, you can open the System Information window.
  • So these were some shortcuts used by the ESC key, using which you can become a smart user.

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ESC Full Form

Extended Static Checking Softwares ESC
Environments for Scientific Computation Softwares ESC
Electronics Systems Center Military and Defence ESC
Expeditionary Sustainment Command Military and Defence ESC
Equilibrator Support Cover Military and Defence ESC
Emulsion Semi-continuous Chemistry ESC
Engine Start Command Space Science ESC
Engineering Support Center Space Science ESC
Escape Space Science ESC
Essential Selection Criteria Job Title ESC
Executive Sales Coordinator Job Title ESC
Escanaba (mi) Airport Code ESC
Escape (key) Computer Hardware ESC
Extended Systems Control Computer Hardware ESC
Epson Standard Code Computer Hardware ESC
Extremely Slow Convergence Maths ESC
Empire State College Educational Institute ESC
Environmental Stress Cracking Physics Related ESC
Every Stroke Counts Sports ESC
Electronic Security Command Military and Defence ESC
Escadron Military and Defence ESC
Electronic Speed Controller Electronics ESC
Electrostatic Chuck Electronics ESC
Electronic Systems Center Electronics ESC
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