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gif full form : Hello friends I once again welcome you to my website. As always, I have brought such a post today, which will prove to be very informative for you. So let’s go friends, now we increase our today’s post further.

Friends, we all use social media, we use emoji while chatting with our friends. There are many types of emoji, but nowadays GIF is being used more than emoji. Be it Facebook, WhatsApp etc. GIF is being used almost everywhere. In today’s post, you will give complete information about gif full form, what is GIF, how to download GIF.

In today’s post, I will also tell you how to make GIF, so that you do not need to ask anything about GIF.

  1. What is GIF? GIF Full Form
  2. How many types of GIF are there?
  3. How to download GIF?

What is GIF? gif full form

So friends, first of all tell you what is the gif full form or the full name of GIF. So that further we can read about GIF.

gif full form
gif full form

The full name of GIF is- Graphic Interchange Format

This GIF is such an image file format, in which we see the image moving. The method is used on almost all social media. In this, the dynamic image shows us, so nowadays GIF is being used more. For web images and they are also used in software programs. Unlike the JPEG image format, GIF is used.

The original GIF format, also known as “GIF 87 a”, was published. CompuServe in 1987. In 1989, CompuServe released an updated version called . “GIF 89 a”. This 89a format was very similar to the 87a Speutication but it supports Transparent background and image mutilate.

GIF has only 256 colors, but GIF is used in JPEG format to store digital photos and supports million of colors. GIF should be used the most in buttons and website banners, as this type of image typically does not require a large amount of colors.

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Types of GIF

There are two versions of GIF format

  • Version 87a
  • Version 89a

GIF 87a

This version was released in 1987. There was also an initial version of the GIF file format which was LZW file compression 256- Color Palettes and Multiple storage.

GIF 89a

This version of GIF was released in 1989. This version added background transparency and other editors such as delay hems and image replacement parameters.

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Features of GIF Format

Come friends, today we know about the different features of GIF file format.

Limited Color palette

A GIF image is stored in approximately 2,4,8,16,32,64,128, and 256 color palettes or color lookup tables. Although the GIF format can access more than 6.8 million colors, only 256 can be referenced in a single GIF image.

LZW Compression

GIF supports LZW compression, which is a lossless compression alteration. Which is right time LZW compression.


GIF 89a format has a texture, transparency is ignored in the specification of any one color in the palette during image processing, the texture is less at the same place.


This feature is of no use in prepress software in banners.


Although no specific resolution is required in GIF, but in most GIF images this resolution is within 72 and 90 dpi.

What is the use of gif called?

Friends gif is used in many places, today we will first tell you where we use gif, and in what form.

  • There are many such websites where we have to put photos or videos in the content written in any format, at the same place we can use Gif, because it is very less space, and it is of animation. Looks like
  • As you know that nowadays what’s app and Instagram are used a lot, in this social media people use gif to make each other laugh and entertain them.
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There are many such places, where we use Gif, as for giving us an example to design a poster, we make a Gif of it, so that he can see that Gif and design his own. takes a liking.

How to Download GIF?

Come friends, we will tell you further how to download GIF.

On the web browser, go to the website where you want to save the GIF. If you want to download GIF in simple form, then you can check on GIPHY or tumbler.

A menu will be shown in front, then you will show you the option to download GIFS.

GIF Download from GIPHY app

You can download and install the GIPHY app from Google Store or Play Store. GIPHY is a free app that has a massive library of free GIFs that you can download.

Downloading/installing the app

To download the app, first open the Google play store, after opening the play store, you will get the option of search, there you have to type GIPHY. After this you will start getting many aap shows, out of which you have to install the one which will be shown on the number.

After installing, you will start showing the app and it will be written open. You have to open the app by clicking on that open. After opening the app, you will get the option of Search at the top where you can search one or two keywords. GIFs of the same type will be in front of you, and you can download them. After downloading, you can use it on social media.

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Qu 1. What is GIF?

Answer- Gif has short and less space video like animation, in which we can make video of our photo and make it viral on social media.

Qu 2. How to make gif?

Answer – To make a Gif, go to the website of and after that you will get the option Image to Gif, you can create a Gif by clicking on it.

Qu 3. Where do we use gif?

Answer – We can use Gif in place of animation in website, nowadays all website has animation of photo, in that we can also use Gif.

conclusion – gif full form

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