What is Kilojoule (kJ)?

Kilojoule is a unit of energy.

Example of the word Kilojoules:

Symbols are only on food or drinks that have had their GI value tested as per the standard and meet the GI Foundation’s certification criteria as the healthiest choices for their food group, so they may not contain kilojoules, fat and/or salt. Contains the following.

The energy of a hydrogen bond (approximately 5 to 30 kilojoules/mol) is comparable to that of a weak covalent bond (155 kG/mol).


A 5 kilogram devil uses 712 kilojoules per day.

Its unit is kilojoule per mole (kJ/mol) or kilocalorie per mole (kcal/mol).

1 kilojoule is equal to 1000 joules:

  • 1kJ = 1000J

1 joule is equal to 1/1000 kilojoule:

  • 1J = 0.001kJ
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