Amazing cruises in india 2024

Are you planning for a cruise trip? Thinking about a holiday on the coolest cruises in India in the mesmerising sea ? If the answer is yes then, we have something for you, yes we have made you a list of top 7 india cruises. Cruise trips are popularly getting limelight and becoming a trend for a vacation. There are many luxurious cruises in India, and if you haven’t been on one yet, plan accordingly.



Witness the beauty of sundarbans from one of the best sunderbans luxury cruises. Floating over many creaks of water, explore the stunning wilderness of forest, floral beauty of sunderbans and the enchanting shores. The amazing deck on the cruise will give you fresh air to breathe, if you are feeling bored in your AC room. The cruise has an amazing library and the best collections for readers. You will be visiting many villages and destinations which can be a little tiring, to release the tiredness one should try the massage from massage parlour on the cruise which will relieve your fatigue.

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We all are fans of backwaters of kerala, and so exploring them on the best backwater cruise, oberoi m.v.vrinda. While you start gliding deep in the blackwaters the lush greenery of dense forest will surround you, the region is rich in flora and fauna. If we talk about the cruise it has all the modern amenities. If you want to watch a movie, there is an in house entertainment setup, and it is available with any movie you want to watch. Grab the best cuisines of kerala made by some reputed chefs. The scrumptious cuisines are basically the best thing on this cruise.

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We all are aware of the beauty of islands in lakshadweep, perfectly nestled in the Arabian sea. If you want the best experience try M.V.KAVARATTI cruise. Visit random islands and see the interacts with locals, learn about their life and the immense beauty of coral and beach walking, which will never be ample. Indulge in watersports activity which will end your fear. The major attraction of cruise is its 100 seating dining hall, which looks so royal, and makes your dining memorable.


Goa is one of the best places to witness the beach life. The biodiversity in Goa is what attracts the people to visit this place any time of the year. Some places are getting crowded or we can say, to avoid that see the perks of goa through cruise, and explore the hidden beauty of goa. Waking up to picturesque beaches is so tuning and so the sunset has its own charm. If you are lucky enough you can recreate the famous titanic scene and witness the dolphins waving at you in the sea. Planning for a cruise in Goa will surely be the best choice to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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It is one of the best cruises to enjoy the marine life to the fullest. The relaxation and peace of mind you will get on this cruise floating in the waters of Kerala in the Arabian sea is one heck of an experience. This ship will never make you think of the outside world. It is the perfect place for partyholics. The cruise has an amazing 3D theatre which will make your trip entertaining. It is the perfect place to take your kids to as they have a playing hall which is well designed and coloured with plenty of playing games and activities. The restaurant on nefertiti cruise offers you delicious meals with utmost comfort. They organise various live programs to take their guests away from boredom.


The cruise starts its journey from Kolkata and takes you to the north eastern coast of assam. This cruise is one of the topmost cruises in india. Their main motive is to make your vacation memorable. The cruise will take you to many nearby tribal villages on the coast, get to know their way of living and culture. Passing by tea plantations will give you a refreshing smell.

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How is the offer of exploring both sides of varansi to the fullest in a day? Alaknanda cruise in varanasi can make it happen. And you will never feel out of rudrabhishek, because they have this service on board. They provide complementary cookies on the house and make you visit various ghats. Be a part of this cruise if you are planning to visit varanasi.

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