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4 Rupee Click Fake or Real – Do you also want to know this. If you are working on this website or you are planning to work on Rupee4click, then just wait. Very excited to know about 4Rupee Click Fake or Real.

So you stay consistent in the post, because today I will tell about Rupee4click online earning website.

  1. How does Rupee4click Works?
  2. Rupee4click.com is Real or fake?
  3. Rupee4click Website is Real or fake?
  4. Rupee4click Website is safe or not?
  5. Rupee4click website is safe?
  6. 4 Rupee Click website is unsafe?
  7. Rupee4Click App Full Tasks Details?

4 Rupee Click Real Review : –

I have used this website only after that I have brought you the review of this website whether this application is 4 Rupee Click Fake or Real.

What is 4 Rupee Click website?

Nowadays youth are going crazy on online earning apps. 4RupeeClick is one of them. This website claims that one can earn thousands of rupees by completing captcha, clicking on advertisements and adding new members.

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4 Rupee Click Payment Center Details OR 4RupeeClick Contact Center Details

Address: A006, Lower ground Floor, Industrial Estate, Parpargunj, Delhi. India- 110092
Email: asia@rupee4click.com

  • Is 4 Rupee Click Fake or Real? : Fake
  • Website Name : Rupee4Click.com
  • Website Type : Online Job Platform

4 Rupee Click Registration (Sign Up/Login) Details :

4 Rupee Click

Creating an ID on this website is very easy, you can create an ID on it with any of your email id and phone number and after that start earning. But you will get to know about it later on how it works.

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4RupeeClick Tasks:

Let us know how it is lured to earn money. Many types of tasks have to be completed inside 4 Rupee Click. You get some reward for completing the task.

Some such tasks are given on Rupee4Click and how much money they will get on completing that task has also been told.


4RupeeClick App Full Tasks Details

  1. Answer Quiz Job: Earn Rs.250/-
  2. Captcha Entry Job: Earn Rs.250/-
  3. Data Entry Service: Earn Rs.250/-
  4. Download Apps: Earn Rs.250/-
  5. Refer Friends: Earn Rs.100/-
  6. Social Media Job: Earn Rs.250/-

4 Rupee Click Refer & Earn Benefits:

If you add your friend with Rupee4Click then you are given ₹ 100 for inviting your friend and with that if your friend opens that website daily then you will get ₹ 10 daily astra. Login is required.

4RupeeClick Invite link: Click here 4 Rupee Click

4 Rupee Click Download Apps:

On downloading the application from 4 Rupee Click, you will get some rupees, along with it you will have some terms and conditions inside it, which will have to be fulfilled like once the download application has to be opened once for a few seconds and Uninstall does not have to be installed instantly.

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4 Rupee Click Captcha Entry:

You will get 50 captures daily, which has to be full fill, you can earn up to 250 ₹ by completing the capture.

4 Rupee Click Data Entry Service:

It is very easy to do this task, in this task you have to copy paste which will be given on this website.

4 Rupee Click Social Media Job:

It is very easy to complete the stars, in this you have to share it on your social media which it will verify and after that you will be given your reward.

4 Rupee Click Answer Quiz Job:

It may take you some time to complete this task because in this task you will get 4 options in which you have to select any one option, these 50 questions are asked according to which you will have to give then you can earn ₹ 250 from it.

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4 Rupee Click Payment Review 2022-2023

If you want to withdraw money from this then you have to pay 5% additional fee. Because you have to pay 5% GST at the time of payment. You can take payment from here through 4 Rupee Click Online Bitcoin, Payam, PayPal & other Online Payment. 4Rupee Click says that we give the payment within 24 hours.

Note: We want to tell you that if you want to know this application/website 4 Rupee Click Fake or Real, then let us tell you this website is a legally fake website, it works fraud or does not give payment to anyone. You have to withdraw from it. It is mandatory to have at least ₹ 5000 to do that, after that it asks you to complete new types of tasks and even if you complete that task, it does not give payment but starts giving you more leaders. If so, I say that you should not trust this application website and do not waste your time here, do not work on it.

4 Rupee Click App Tasks Safe or Not Full Details And Proof

  • Complete Captcha : Earn Rs.250/-
  • Data Entry Service : Earn Rs.250/-
  • Download Apps 7 Surveys : Earn Rs.250/-
  • Face Video Job : Earn Rs.250/-
  • Refer Friends : Earn Rs.100/-
  • YouTube Video Job : Earn Rs.250/-
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