how to unfreeze instagram account? (Updated 2024)

how to unfreeze instagram account? – Due to Instagram ID Freeze? – Friends, if your Instagram account has been frozen and you want to unfreeze your account again. So in this post we are going to tell such a way, with the help of which you can get millions of likes by posting a video on your Instagram again.

For this, you have to read this post from beginning to end so that you can understand it well. Before Unfreezing Instagram Account, We Know How To Know If Your Instagram Account Is Freeze Or Not. As well as, we will also know what is the reason for the Instagram account being frozen, so let us know.

how to unfreeze instagram account?

How to know if Instagram Account is Freeze or not? – The easiest way for this is if your Instagram Id is getting more likes on the earlier photos and videos.

But now you upload any Reels video and your Reels video is getting less Likes & Views in comparison to earlier times.

  • So understand that your account has been frozen
  • As well as, if you have the same number of followers as before on your Instagram ID or if your followers are decreasing, then understand that your Instagram ID has become frozen.
  • But if Views / Likes are coming on your Reels Video or photo on your Instagram account as before.
  • So understand that your Instagram account is not frozen
  • And your followers are increasing more than before, so this is also a way to recognize that your id has not been frozen.
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What is the reason for the Instagram account being frozen?

Here we will know in 3 ways for what is the reason for Instagram Account Freeze

  1. The biggest reason why Instagram account freezes is that many people watch their own videos
  • That is, whatever you upload on Instagram by making Reels Video, you see it yourself.
  • Due to which Instagram people freeze your account

2. As well as, if you post reels video on your Instagram id 1 to 2 times in a month on your account

  • So because of this also Instagram id can freeze.

3. Many people use different types of App to increase Likes/Views and Followers on their Reels Video.

  • So that many Likes / Views and Followers increase on their videos.
  • But because of this, Instagram people freeze their account later.
  • So because of all these your Instagram account is frozen.

how to unfreeze instagram account?

If your Instagram account is frozen and you want to unfreeze it. So below are the 4 ways to tell, by following which your account will be the same again. That is to say, more likes and views will start coming on your photos and videos and you will have more followers than before.

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1. Upload Daily Video

  • First of all, you have to upload a video on your Instagram every day, that is, you have to upload at least 2 or 3 videos.

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2. Never watch your video

  • When you put your video on Instagram account
  • So definitely keep in mind that you should never watch your own posted video from the Id from which you upload the video.

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3. Enter Your Original Content

  • Never download any other video on your Instagram account and put it on your Id
  • That is, you have to upload the video made by yourself, the second is not to upload the reels video on your Id even by mistake.
  • Otherwise there may be a chance of your account getting frozen.

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4. Do not use Fake Followers

  • You should never use Fake Followers, that is, you should not try to increase Fake Followers through any App or Website.
  • Because if you upload Daily Video on Instagram
  • So the followers themselves start increasing on your instagram account.
  • So in this way you can also unfreeze your frozen account again.
  • If still more followers are not increasing on Instagram account
  • Or Likes/Views Increase is not happening on your Reels Video

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So in this Situation you have to complain to Instagram

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To tell the problem to Instagram, we will know by following some steps here.

Step 1: – Open Instagram

First of all you have to open your Instagram App

how to unfreeze instagram reels

Step 2: – Go to your profile and click on line 3

After this you have to go to your profile and you will get the option of 3 line above, click on it.

instagram freeze account

Step 3 :- Go to Instagram Settings

Here you will see the option of Settings at the top, click on it

instagram unfreeze application

Step 4 :- Click on Help Option

Now you will get the option of Help, click on it

instagram freeze account report link

Step 5: – Click on Report a problem

As soon as you click on Help, you will get the option of Report a problem at the top, you have to go to it.

Step 6 :- Put Screenshot by writing Problem

  • Here you have to write the problem in English as if our account has been frozen, unfreeze it again.
  • Some problem of this type has to be written

instagram account freeze report

Step 7 :- Instagram Account will be Freeze

  • After writing the problem, you have to take a screenshot of your profile by clicking on Take Screenshot.
  • And go to the gallery and select the screenshot you have taken.

instagram unfreeze message

  • After this you have to submit, now your account will be unfreeze within 7 – 10 days.
  • In this way you can also unfreeze your Instagram account

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