Tron Thunder Token Reviews, Plan, Login & Details in 2024

Nowadays, the discussion of Tron Thunder Token (TTT) is being heard a lot among the people related to network marketing in India. In such a situation, your question will be that what is this Tron Thunder after all? Why are people talking so much about it and how to earn money from it.

I have given the answers of all these in this article, so read till the end. So that you can know all the important information related to tron thunder, so let’s start without any delay.

What is Tron Thunder Token and how does it work?

Tron Thunder Token
Tron Thunder Token

It is a type of cryptocurrency.

You must have heard about MLM or network marketing at some point in time, in which people are added to a community. Like network marketing, people have to be involved in this too, but no product has to be sold in it.

There is also an official website of Tron thunder where all the information about the company is given. This website was started in July, 2021. If we talk about important information related to the website, then daily traffic of about 10,000 comes in it which is around 3 lakhs in a month.

The name of the founder of this Tron Thunder is J.P Rademeyer. It is said that he has about 30 years of experience in the field of crypto currency and also has a lot of knowledge about the topics related to crypto investing.

This program (TTT) is known as tron ​​thunder token. Its entire system is powered by blockchain technology.

Like bitcoin, it is also a cryptocurrency coin. People who don’t know what bitcoin is? Let me tell them a little bit about it. Bitcoin is the name of a cryptocurrency coin. It is the largest crypto coin in the present time, it is in digital form.

You cannot touch bitcoin, nor is it a cryptocurrency coin controlled by the government of a country. It works on a fully decentraled system. Bitcoin transactions are done by blockchain technology which is considered to be the most secure medium. The chances of error in this are negligible. However, its prices keep fluctuating. At present, the price of bitcoin is the highest among other cryptocurrency coins.

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What is Tron Thunder? (Tron Thunder Token) You know this, now it comes, if someone wants to join with it, then what is its process? And how much money do you have to invest in the beginning? You will get the answers of all these by reading further.

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Joining OR Package

Anyone can join this program. It does not require any skills or degree. If you want to join it, then I have explained its process in detail for this. which you can read below

For this, first you have to go to the official website of Tron Thunder. There you get 5 types of packages. To buy these packages, a token is required, which is bought with money. The number and price of all package tokens is also different. You can read its full details below-

Irrespective of the package you buy, everyone has to deposit tokens according to the package. This token is available only when you invest money in buying the package. Token minimum starts from 400TRX to 2400TRX.

  1. Emerald
  2. Gold
  3. Ruby
  4. Silver
  5. saphire

Currently, the cost of a TRX is around Rs.5, according to this, if you buy a package of 400 TRX, then it will cost Rs.2000. This price keeps on increasing and decreasing. So check the price before buying.

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Tron Thunder Income Plan

After joining the Tron thunder program, other people also have to join, so that every joining you can get commission income in return and your earning can start.

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Now it comes to the most important information for which you are associated with tron ​​thunder program, that is the earning plan, how to earn money from it? You can earn from five through this.

  1. Community Membership Income
  2. Community Re-Contribution Rewards
  3. Leadership Rewards
  4. Referrals Rewards
  5. VIP Ranking

So let us know in detail and try to understand all the income plans, how do you earn from it.

Community Membership Rewards

In this reward, your income is up to 20 levels. If a person joins you and buys a package, then 1% of that TRX is paid to you as a commission.

VIP Ranking

In this program, people are ranked according to the performance of their work. The higher the rank, the higher will be their earnings. You get this ranking after meeting the target set by the company, which you can see in the chart below.

Leadership Rewards

In this program, people are ranked according to the performance of their work. The higher the rank, the higher will be their earnings. You get this ranking after meeting the target set by the company, which you can see in the chart below.

This is only for members less than VIP-3, who have a minimum of 10 direct members in their downline. According to this income plan, 10% of the investment TRX is divided by all the members joining in a day.

Community Re-Contribution Rewards

In this Community Reward, the people who have joined before you and those who join after you, you will get reward income according to the package. Like in Ruby package, 20 Level Up and 20 Level Down i.e. 40 people’s commission is available in the form of TRX. Along with this, if someone buys the token for the second time, he also gets 1% commission.

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Referral Rewards

In this, you earn as much as the people you join, if the person you join buys a package, then 20% of the cost of that package will be received in the first level Direct Referrals Commission.

Tron Thunder Token Review

What is tron ​​thunder? And how to join this program? After knowing their information, it comes about tron ​​thunder review so that you can know whether you should join with it or not.

Everyone has their own opinion, some consider it a scam and some consider it a good way to earn money. What is true and what is false in these, all the things will be known by reading the review further.

This program may be a scam

Because this company is not registered by the Government of India, due to which if the company ever runs away with your money, you cannot do anything against it, nor can the government help you in getting your money back. That’s why invest your money in it thoughtfully. No one knows when the company should do what in its program.

Tron Thuder Token Price In India

If we talk about its price, then in India it is currently priced around Rs. 5 per Tron thunder token. Which keeps on decreasing with time, so invest as much money as you can, in the pursuit of earning more money, it is not right to invest more money than your capacity. This will only harm you later.


I hope you like the Tron Thunder that I have? (Meaning Of Tron Thunder), you must have liked it and got to know many things about tron ​​thunder token.

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