what are input devices? – 5 Some Important input devices

What are Input Device and its types : Some of the input devices used in the computer are as follows-

Some Important Input Devices

input devices



Keyboard is the main part of the computer through which data is input in the form of text in the computer. In this the arrangement of keys is exactly like typewriter. There are mainly 3 types of keys in the keyboard, alphabetic keys [A to Z], number [0 to 9] keys, and functional keys [F1 to F12, Alt, Ctrl, Shift etc].

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Mouse is also an input device (what is an input device?) whose work is used to control the cursor in the screen of computer or laptop. When the mouse is to be moved, the cursor moves on the screen.

There are mainly 3 types of buttons in the mouse (Left, Right, Scroll Button). Earlier we used to use mechanical mouse, which had a rubber ball at the bottom, when the mouse was moved on the surface, it would move inside that shell. Nowadays we use optical mouse.

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Scanner is also an input device, it is used to scan document or image. Nowadays scanners also come attached with printers which are also used as photocopiers. Scanners are used by cybercafes, big offices or Garphic Designers.


This device is an input device used by children to play video games on the computer, it is used to play games. Although all the games on the computer can be played by the keyboard, but some games are played at a faster speed, so joystick is used.

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O. M. R. (Optical Mark Reader):

  1. It is an input device that reads special types of signs/symbols and makes them usable by the computer. Nowadays it is being used for checking objective answer sheets.
  2. In this, high intensity light rays are cast on the paper and by studying the reflected rays with a pen or pencil mark, the correct answer is found out.

Digital Camera

  1. It is like a normal digital camera. Which is used as an input device by connecting to the computer, the
  2. photo diode present in it converts the optical information into electrical waves and gives it to the computer.
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Touch Screen

It is a simple input device, instructions can be given by touching any one of the options available on the computer screen and by touching any one of the options, instructions can be given and programs can be executed.
Touch screen is being used in ATM-Automatic Teller Machine in banks and at Public Information Kiosk.

Touch-Screen input devices
Touch-Screen input devices
  1. It is also included in the category of input devices.
  2. When we touch this screen it detects where we have touched it.
  3. It is also used for listening to music in ATMs in banks and public information centers.


  1. Mic is being used as an input device to record voice with the development of multimedia in computers.

Track Ball

  1. There is only one alternative to the mouse.
  2. There is a ball on top of it, which is rotated by hand to change the direction of the pointer.
  3. It is mainly used in the field of medicine, in CAD and CAM.

Joy Stick

  1. This input device is used to play video and computer games.
  2. Its working mechanism is also almost towards the track ball, only a stick is attached to it instead of the ball.
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Bar Code Reader

  1. This is Point of sales data recording. Which is used nowadays to update prices and data in supermarkets.
  2. Bar code reader is a scanning device by which it is scanned and sent to the computer in digital form.
  3. Bar code reader is also used in super market, library, bank and post office etc.


  1. MICR for letters or documents written with special magnetic ink. is read by, or stored in the computer.
  2. This technique is widely used in banks.
  3. Thousands of checks can be scanned per hour with a combination of magnetic ink and special fonts.


Webcam input devices
Webcam input devices
  1. Webcam is used to view and take photos on the Internet.
  2. Using this, the photo of a person sitting far away can be seen with the help of internet, but should be available with other person also.
  3. It is similar to a digital camera. Which is used as an input device by connecting to the computer.

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