what are the characteristics of computer?

List of the characteristics of computer Like as Speed, Accuracy, Diligence, Storage capacity/memory, Vasatility, Reliability, Power of remembering and Compactness.

what are the characteristics of computer?

characteristics of computer
characteristics of computer


As you know that computer can work very fast. This is the main characteristics of the computer. It takes only seconds for calculations that we take hours to complete. Computers measure the speed of the processor in hertz (Hz). You will be surprised to know that a computer can perform millions of instructions in a few seconds.

Accuracy :

The accuracy of the computer is very high, every calculation is done with equal accuracy. Sometimes errors also occur in the computer due to virus.

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Permanent Storage capacity :

Characteristics Of Computer: Computer has an in-built memory where it can store large amount of data. You can also store data in secondary storage devices like floppies, CD/DVD, pen drives, which can be placed outside your computer and moved to other computers.

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Diligence :

The computer is never going to tire, give accurate results. It can work for hours without any errors. If there are millions of calculations to be done, the computer will perform each calculation with accuracy. Due to this ability, it provides strength to the human being in regular work.

Automatic :

Privacy :

Repetition :

By instructing the computer only once, the same type of work can be done many times and in minimum time.

Versatility :

That means the ability to do completely different types of work. You can use your computer to prepare the Payroll Slip. Next moment you can use it for inventory management or for generating electric bill.

More than one task can be done simultaneously on a computer. Like – listening to songs and doing other things.

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