Top 5 Free Online Tools to Track a Phone Number’s Location

We will delve into the intriguing world of finding the location of a phone number online for free. Have you ever received a call from an unknown number and wondered who it could be? With the power of technology at our fingertips, it is now possible to uncover the mystery behind those anonymous calls.

By the end of this blog, you can expect to learn how to utilize this valuable tool and gain peace of mind knowing that you can identify any caller. Stay tuned for the key to unlocking the secrets hidden within a simple phone number.

5 Best Phone Number Trackers Online :

Name Name Search Back Grounds Search Starting price Free Trial
GEOfinder Yes Yes $29.99 onetime payment Free Software
PeopleLooker Yes Yes $23.99 a month. 7-Day trial for $1 Yes Yes Free Free Software
Social Catfish Yes Yes $24.95 a month 5-Day Trial for $5.73
Spokeo Yes Yes $0.95 for 7-days Basic Search Results are Free


1. GEOfinder :


Geofinder is a geolocation system that can Track a Phone Number’s Location using its phone number. It can also find a person’s location by phone number, discover their IP address, and see if they’re using a VPN. Geofinder works on Android, iOS, and even old phones, and doesn’t require an app to be installed on the phone.

With Geofinder GPS tracker, you can easily locate & track phone by number, find your friends, or use it as a family tracker. Geofinder is the perfect location tracker app for staying connected and keeping track of everyone.

Features :

  • Customize message: You can customize the message you want the recipient to receive.
  • Detailed Location: You will get detailed locations on the map.
  • Provides location request: Provides unlimited geolocation requests.
  • Run across platforms: It works across all mobile network operators.
  • Supported devices: ioS and Android devices.
  • Track phone location by number: Helps you to track the targeted phone location by phone number.
  • Unlimited Geolocation request: It allows you to send unlimited geolocation requests.
  • It helps you to locate anyone by entering their number.
  • Works with all mobile network operators to trace the phone number of anyone.
  • You can track cell phone locations anonymously.
  • Geofinder is slow in providing the location and coordinates of the targeted device.
  • It does not allow you to track location if the target phone owner doesn’t click on the link.
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2. PeopleLooker :


PeopleLooker is an online service that provides access to public records and background check information on individuals. Users can search for information such as contact details, criminal records, court records, social media profiles, and more.

PeopleLooker aggregates data from various public sources to compile comprehensive reports on individuals. It’s often used for purposes such as background checks, locating lost relatives or friends, and verifying someone’s identity.

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Features :

  • Anonymity: Users’ anonymity ensures your identity remains confidential when you run a phone number search.
  • Name: People search helps you look up people with their names.
  • Secured Anonymous Searches: Look up phone numbers without worrying about data security and anonymity.
  • Vast database: PeopleLooker has billions of data points sources within their database to help you look up unknown phone numbers.
  • Background report: People Looker delivers a comprehensive background report featuring 13 categories to provide maximum information for a specific person available in the public domain.
  • Guaranteed user privacy and safety
  • Instant search results
  • Comes with several supportive background check tools.
  • Full access demands a subscription.
  • Sometimes less detailed than other reverse phone number lookup services

3. : is a phone tracking service that allows users to locate a device’s location using its phone number, regardless of the device’s operating system. is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Android and iOS. It’s also said to be user-friendly and respectful of privacy. is the ideal service to track someone by their cell phone number.

Features :

  • Create customer messages: Let’s you create custom messages.
  • Discreet text message: The recipient receives a discreet text message that will share the location.
  • Find an exact Location: Find the exact location with this type in phone number and find location for free online app.
  • Get email notification: You will get an instant notification in your email and will see the location on a map.
  • Locate anyone anywhere: It works on any network, meaning it can locate anyone anywhere.
  • Number Locator: Locate anyone by entering their number.
  • Supported device: You can use it on Android and iOS.
  • Does not need any jailbreak.
  • The phone owner won’t know who tried to locate them.
  • You don’t require to know their phone model to find them.
  • You will not require to install anything on your end.
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  • It does not offer many features.

4. Social Catfish :

Social Catfish

Social Catfish is an online service that specializes in helping people verify the identities of individuals they meet online.

It’s commonly used for online dating, social media interactions, and other virtual connections where users may want to ensure that the person they’re communicating with is who they claim to be.

Social Catfish employs various techniques, such as reverse image searching and data analysis, to uncover information about individuals and determine whether they are genuine or potentially deceptive.

This service can be valuable for those seeking to protect themselves from online scams, catfishing, and other forms of digital deception.

Features :

  • A business directory: It provides business information, such as company addresses for local and international businesses.
  • Address search: Helps to know who lives at a particular address and the owner’s contact information.
  • Phone number lookup services: This feature lets you know who called you from a specific phone number.
  • Public record: You can search for criminal, marriage, and divorce records.
  • It’s accessible and easy to use.
  • It’s search results are displayed instantly.
  • Provides business information for both local and international businesses.
  • The people search is limited as it’s more focused on business profiles.

5. Spokeo :


Spokeo is an online people search engine that aggregates publicly available information from various sources to provide users with comprehensive profiles about individuals.

Users can search for people by name, email address, phone number, or username and access details such as contact information, social media profiles, property records, and more.

Spokeo aims to help users reconnect with old friends, find long-lost relatives, and perform background checks on individuals.

However, it’s important to note that while Spokeo can provide a wealth of information, some users may have privacy concerns about the accessibility of their personal data through such platforms.


  • Free quick search: It offers free quick search.
  • Produces accurate data: You can produce accurate data in seconds.
  • Identify spam callers: This cellphone location tracker helps you to identify spam callers easily.
  • Supported device: It supports both iOS and Android.
  • Analyzes 12 billion public records: You can analyze 12 billion public records and 100+ social media networks.
  • Only available in the US.
  • It does not give comprehensive information about how to Track a Phone Number’s Location.

Conclusion : 

In conclusion, while there may be services claiming to offer free online location tracking based on phone numbers, it’s important to approach such offerings with caution. Many of these services are unreliable, potentially invasive of privacy, and may even be illegal depending on jurisdiction.

Users should prioritize ethical and legal considerations, respecting individuals’ privacy rights and refraining from engaging in activities that could compromise them. Instead, if there’s a genuine need to locate someone, it’s advisable to seek proper authorization or assistance from relevant authorities.

Frequency Asked Questions : 

1. Is it possible to find the exact location of a phone number for free online?

  • While some online services claim to offer free phone number location tracking, most legitimate methods require payment or access to specialized tools and databases. Free services may provide limited or inaccurate information.

2. What are some free methods to find the location of a phone number online?

  • Free methods typically include using search engines or social media platforms to search for the phone number. However, these methods may not always yield accurate results, especially if the number is not publicly available or if it’s associated with a private account.

3. Are there any risks associated with using free online services to find phone number locations?

  • Yes, there are risks. Some websites claiming to offer free phone number location tracking may be scams or attempt to collect personal information for malicious purposes. Users should exercise caution and only use reputable services.

4. How accurate are free online services for finding phone number locations?

  • Free services may provide general location information based on the area code or the location of the service provider’s headquarters. However, they may not always provide real-time or precise location data.

5. Can I track a phone’s location in real-time for free online?

  • Real-time phone tracking typically requires specialized software or access to the phone’s GPS data, which is not available for free online. Free services may offer limited tracking capabilities, but they are often less accurate or reliable.

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