Pocket Technology for Music Lovers: Apps for Audio Streaming

Technology is running, so fast, that we are afraid that if we take a moment to breathe, we will end up losing the contest. You may find it ridiculous, but it is a fact that those who don’t find themselves abiding by the use of technology and the constant advancements then we are more likely to be left behind.

Technology is a blessing for those who know how to employ it. From the refinements in science and medicine to the daily life gadgets, it has simplified our lives to the greatest extent. If we pay a bit of attention to how smoothly we can play the foreign site’s content in our region. And also focus on how the betterments have made things even more compact.

This particular innovation is called pocket technology. Pocket technology refers to all those devices and gadgets that are handy and are capable of fixing in either your palm or in your bags. They are small, lightweight and compact. Their portability is revolutionary and has shaped the entire tech system.

They are disposable at our fingertips and can be carried to anywhere we want. A prominent example of [ocket technology is our smartphones, without which we can’t spend a day, tablets, the internet access in them allow us to perform our tasks and all the chores, be it office work or the use of entertainment, all is made easier and more handy.

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The innovations of pocket tech in the form of powerful processors, high-resolution displays, augmented reality, long battery lives, and many more are proof that pocket tech has made our lives more efficient than ever.

If we talk about how it has impacted the entertainment side, then we have witnessed how the DVDs and the heavy devices are now replaced by the enormously popular streaming platforms. After Netflix, many platforms like Hulu and Amazon have joined the race too. If you are thinking Is Hulu available in India, then know that yes, you can avail it by employing VPN.

Similarly, the musical side is heavily influenced too. And the music enthusiasts can’t thank you enough for the improvements made over time.

Now you don’t have to listen to your favorite music for longer on heavy speakers that have occupied great space in your room. Neither do you have to bear the direct attack on your privacy that you have to share your songs and intimate playlist with the whole audience?

Everyone realizes that music is a dear and very private thing. The playlist is not merely a collection of songs but they are a mirror and reflection of the mind of the people. Therefore, everyone wants to rejoice in their beloved and cherished music in the best possible way.

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Now the whole scenario has changed and we are introduced to new and refreshing technology that has molded the way we used to listen to our favorite music and groove on it like no one is watching. Because they are private, the collection and the portability are immensely amazing.

Streaming Platforms for Music

From the numerous music apps that are extensively used around the globe to relish the glory of the music infantry and appreciate the rising stars. On YouTube TV UK you can listen best new songs with good quality sound. The curated list for them is below.



The pioneer is the world of music streaming, the most prominent platform that has given birth to the idea of music streaming, none other than Spotify, which is widely used and whose subscription is growing enormously and continues to reign the domain.

Spotify has both, paid and free subscriptions which enable the users to browse through their extensive library and discover what they are craving. It has songs from popular artists the independent artists. Audiobooks to podcasts to amuse you.



SoundCloud is a free music streaming platform that lets independent artists share their music with the whole world and lets them enjoy and appreciate the wonderful melody. It also has a wide variety of music to be listened to by music enthusiasts and enables them with the feature to share their playlists as well.

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SoundCloud is a great platform for those who want to listen to music while they are offline because you can’t have a say in what time you will be granted smooth internet access, meanwhile, if you wanna listen to a particular song but can’t so because there is no internet. yikes! Therefore, to have a function to listen to the collection anywhere, at any time is a blessing,

Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple users have the luxury of getting their hands on the amazing music library that lets them scroll through the ocean of melodies, it has the famous songs to the classics to make your listening journey exhilarating. Moreover, it has exclusive content that you can’t find at any other platform.

Wrapping Up

Who would have thought that listening to music could become this easy and this exciting with just handy devices and amazing platforms to forge the experience of listening to music? The feed is flooding with new forums and each is bringing forth new astonishing refinements. Giving the listeners a good number of podiums to pick from.

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