What is Zoom App, advantages, disadvantages and how does it work? – Download Free Zoom Meeting App 2024

what is the zoom app, its advantages and disadvantages : welcome to infogrepper. We are present here with all the information for all of you. If you want complete information about Zoom App, then definitely read this article of ours till the end. We will provide you complete information about it through this article.

Friends, if we talk about Zoom app, then this application is going on in a lot of trading in India, because due to the increasing outbreak of corona virus, companies have asked all their employees to work from home. That’s why a lot of people are currently using the Zoom app.

As well as, this app is also being used in large quantities in schools and coaching institutes. Because through this app, schools and coaching institutes are giving online classes to the children.

If you want to meet someone through Zoom app or want to teach your students then you should use this app. So let us know in detail what is the Zoom app, and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

What is Zoom App?

It is a cloud based video conferencing app. Where you can virtually talk to each other via video call. With the Zoom app, you can talk to 100 people simultaneously through video and audio calling. Through this app, you can do Group Calling and One to One Meeting up to 40 minutes. You can use this app on both mobile and computer.

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The app also allows its users to record and share meeting projects. Using the It is very easy like other platforms. This app is being used by more than 7 lakh customer organizations.

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Zoom App Features

Zoom App Features
Zoom App Features

Following are some of the features of Zoom app.

  1. Group Meeting:- Zoom App facility is used by companies to connect with their participants in real time. Through this app, 100 employees can be added up to 40 minutes, however, if needed, the number of people can be increased to 500 and the time period of 40 minutes can also be increased.
  2. Video Quality: – The video quality of the Zoom app is very good. Due to which it is convenient for the participants to see, understand and read.
  3. Zoom Meeting: – Through this app, the same meeting can be run as if all the people in the office are physically present.
  4. One on One Meeting:- This app also provides the facility of One on One Meeting. In this, two people can join through both video and audio.

How to Download Zoom App?

It is available in desktop version as well as mobile app. Which run on both android and ios devices. If you want to use Zoom app, then you can download and install it from Google Play Store.

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How to Create a Zoom Account?

When you download and open the Zoom app, then some options come in front of you. As soon as you open that option, you will be asked to create your account and you will get the option of Sign Up.

First of all you have to click on Sign Up. After clicking, a new page will open. In which you have to fill some details. like:-

  1. First of all you have to enter Date of Birth.
  2. After that you have to enter your Gmail Id.
  3. After that you have to enter First and Last Name and Password.
  4. And you have to sign up by clicking on “I Agree to Terms & Conditions”.
  5. After signing up you will have to verify your account. For this, you have to go to your Gmail and verify your account.
  6. After that you can log in to your account by going to the Log In section.

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The biggest advantage of using Zoom App is that you can talk to 100 people simultaneously through video conferencing. That too absolutely free because for this you do not have to pay any kind of fee. Apart from this, you can also record and share your video conferencing.


You must know this thing that if there are good qualities inside, then there are also some bad qualities in it, because in a newspaper disclosure on Zoom app it was said that It can share its data with Facebook. and your information is being sold on Facebook.

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By which he is getting your complete information that when you open the application, when you are online and offline. All the information is being seen, with whom do you talk, etc.

Why is the Zoom App Selling Your Data?

The biggest reason behind this is that the software development disk of the Zoom app is used by Facebook. So whenever you use the Zoom app, your information is immediately connected to the Facebook Grap API. Due to which your data automatically reaches Facebook.

In the privacy policy of the application of the Zoom app, it is clearly stated that your data can be shared with third parties, but it has not been openly said by him that he is sharing your data with Facebook.

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