What is Duckworth-Lewis method in cricket?

The full form of DLS in cricket is called “Duckworth–Lewis–Stern Method”.

DLS Method In Cricket Meaning

Duckworth-Lewis rule plays a more important role in ODI and T20 formats. When a limited overs cricket match is played and the match is stopped or interrupted due to rain, then the Duckworth-Lewis rule (T20 Dls Method Calculator) is brought into play. As per the rules, the team chasing the target is given a new target in the remaining time after the rain. In the new target, the remaining overs and remaining wickets are taken into account.

Now the question might be coming in your mind that how the target of new runs is decided. Actually a table is made for this. In this table, on the basis of both the remaining wickets and overs factors (Dls Method In Ipl 2024), the team gets a new target. Along with this, the value of how many resources are left with the team is also calculated.

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For your information, if the match is stopped once or twice due to rain, then the new target can be changed every time.

Who was Duckworth Lewis (history)?

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The fathers of the DLS method are Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis. This rule was used for the first time in the year 1997 in the match between England and Zimbabwe, the match was postponed due to rain. In this match, under Duckworth-Lewis rule, both the teams got 1-1 points. However, later before the 2015 World Cup, Australian academician Stein Stern made changes in the formula.

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According to the DLS method, a lot of attention is paid to how many runs the first team had scored (Dls Score Calculator) before the rain of the match. As-
Team B’s new target = Team A’s score x (Team B’s resources / Team A’s resources)

Duckworth-Lewis(DL) Method Calculator

Duckworth Lewis formula is calculated through computer software. This is a difficult process, it is very difficult for the common man to understand.

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What is the rule of over match after rain?

Due to excess rain and delay, the 20-20 over match can also be reduced to 5-5 overs. But after inspecting the time and field, it is decided how many overs the match should be. After rain, the match should be of at least 10 overs. That means 5-5 overs for both the teams.

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If for some reason the match does not last even ten overs (Dls Calculator T20), then super overs are called. Super Overs is a match of only 10 minutes, in which both the teams get to play one over each. The team which scores more runs in this will win.

If for some reason the match cannot be held on the scheduled date, then the next day is the reserve day, if the match cannot be held on that day too then the decision is taken on the basis of the old match. That means whichever team is on top in the points table of the match, that team will be declared the winner.

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