Free High DA Social Bookmarking Sites List 2024

Today, experts are adopting both off-page and on-page SEO techniques to increase their search traffic and better SERP ranking of a website or blog by transcending digital marketing.

That’s right! It is assumed that you are an expert in SEO. But, have you ever thought about High da social bookmarking sites and got backlinks link on these.

If you do not know about the social bookmarking website, then first click on the link given here, what is the social bookmarking website.

We are engaged behind High quality backlinks, External link. We know it helps in increasing DA and Backlinks volume, but SEO has as much value as backlinks made from high quality social websites and Web 2.0.

Equally high is the value of backlinks made from social bookmarking sites. These values will be counted when the domain authority of social bookmark sites is on Good and Average grade.

That’s why social bookmarking is one of the most effective SEO techniques and social bookmark site is a fabulous way to increase domain authority and traffic of your blog or website from off-page seo.

When all the vitamins are needed in our body, similarly all types of backlinks are needed to strengthen the domain authority structure of the blog or website.

Many bloggers use a type of backlinks, this is the way to make the domain authority structure weak. To strengthen the DA structure, Web 2.0, Forum, External, Internet linking, Bookmarking sites, Guest posting and high quality content play the main role in SEO techniques.

But, I am not going to discuss about SEO term and how to increase DA in these articles. This article is on those who will share the Free social bookmarking sites list that make essential bookmarking backlinks from Off-page SEO.

I will also tell you how to make backlinks from social bookmarking sites and about their benefits.

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High DA-PA Do follow Social Bookmarking Sites

No. Top social bookmarking site lists DA PA
1 89 73
2 40 59
3 43 50
4 86 78
5 58 66
6 90 90
7 40 55
8 41 56
9 33 46
10 56 59
11 52 60
12 32 44
13 31 56
14 39 48
15 91 75
16 30 45
17 46 56
18 40 45
19 38 44
20 58 60
21 56 47
22 40 53
23 38 54
24 58 57
25 32 44
26 31 38
27 86 56
28 52 49
29 35 36
30 66 62
31 41 49
32 32 40
33 92 74
34 42 38
35 38 49
36 38 52
37 43 54
38 30 49
39 30 40
40 32 34
41 29 51
42 64 55
43 78 71
44 85 70
45 40 55
46 36 48
47 32 46
48 30 45
49 32 39
50 46 47
51 52 57
52 53 57

How to make backlinks from social bookmarking sites?

There are many top social bookmarking sites online and these sites follow different methods for bookmarking, but they all have some common bookmarking procedures that I will tell you about.

Here you also have to keep in mind that you should avoid violating social bookmarking rules, otherwise you can block you from those social bookmarking sites editor team and never get success in SERP by wrongly getting backlinks and links from high spammer sites. Will not be able to achieve

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That’s why you have to take care that I am sure you will not take undue advantage of getting backlinks from social bookmarking sites.

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Now I am going to tell you step by step how to get backlinks from social bookmarking website.

Step 1. I am going to give you an example on “”, first open these social bookmarking sites and sign up, after doing this fill your profile properly.

Step 2. Now you have to add a new bookmark in the dashboard, for these all social bookmark sites online will have bookmark + cbol on the right or left side or submit website option will be present.

You have to click on these, by clicking the drop-down list will open, the first bookmark option has to be selected. (On Diggo you can take advantage of four features – Bookmark, Image PDF, Note.)

Step 3. In the next screen, after entering the URL, you have to click on ‘Next’.

Step 4. Now a new tab will open in front of you, as shown, in this the title of the post will automatically get Diigo, if you want to change it, you can do it now.

There are also such bookmark sites online that you will have to give Title, Description, Tag, URL and in bookmark sites like Diggo, Tag is required to be given only after entering the URL, then clicking on ‘Add’ will publish your post.

Step 5. Now the post has been bookmarked successfully and your dashboard will look like.

Whenever a Digo user clicks on a shared or bookmarked title, they will be taken directly to your post.

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So you can bookmark in the same way and you mentioned above was an example of doing a social bookmarking on and if you choose any other website, the process of bookmarking for sharing in it may be slightly different.

But in other bookmarking websites nothing else happens, you just have to enter things like title, url, description, tags and there are some sites which have bookmarking process like digo.

What benefits can we get from website bookmarking?

  • You will get relevant traffic to make your blog post viral.
  • The post or page will soon get a push for Indexing and Crawling.
  • Due to heavy traffic, you can improve the page and domain authority of your website or blog.
    Bookmark website is a great place to virally promote your contents or business.
  • Another important advantage of using these sites is that they help you earn quality backlinks from high ranking pages.
  • Allows you to add multiple keywords to your content through URLs, titles, tags, descriptive text, etc. without spamming your links.
  • When it comes to content promotion, social bookmarking sites are still an effective way for you to reach your target audience quickly.

In this post, I explained everything to you from the list of social bookmarking sites to its benefits.

I hope that the above list of Social bookmarking websites will definitely help you in increasing traffic and domain authority.

If you definitely take the time to take backlinks from this Do follow social bookmarking sites for your website, then bookmarking website will definitely help in increasing both your website authority and traffic in Real. Apart from this, many other big and small positive changes will be seen.

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