What is Pincode Finder?

What is PIN CODE? & What is Pincode Finder?, who created it, why it was created, why it is only of 6 digits

Who does not know about Pincode Finder. You may or may not have ever written a letter to someone but must have used the pin code. From filling the form of play school to the examination of Union Public Service Commission, pin code has to be mentioned in every document.

The question is, what is the thing called pin code? What is there in this bird that seems to be sitting on every branch. Who made it and why? Why are there only 6 digits in PIN code or ZIP CODE? Why not more or less than this?

What is the full form of PIN CODE OR ZIP CODE?

Pin Code or Zip Code is used by all but very few people know its full form. However, this question keeps appearing in many competitive exams. Therefore it should be remembered that the full form of Pin Code is Postal Index Number and the full form of Zip Code is ZONE IMPROVEMENT PLAN.

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Who made PIN CODE, when?

The credit for introduction of pin code in India goes to Shri Ram Bikaji Velankar. It started on 15 August 972. The Indian Postal Department does the work of postal delivery in the country on the basis of pin code number. Also called zip code code. It consists of 6 numbers or 6 digits and each number has its own importance.

What is the meaning of 6 digit numbers of Pincode?

Each of the 6 digits of the Pincode has its own significance. The first number shows the geographical condition, in which the country is divided into 9 geographical parts. In which there are geographical areas from 1 to 8 and the number 9 is given to the postal service of the army. so first number of pincode like this

  1. Zone
  2. Sub Zone
  3. District

represents Pincode Finder.

While the last three numbers represent the specific post office in that district.

How many times PIC CODE pattern was changed?

The funniest thing is that in the last 1000 years, while vehicle numbers, telephone numbers, house, locality and colony numbers, even Indian currency note numbers have changed, the pin code of the postal department has never changed. New cities, post offices, localities and colonies continued to be formed, but the pin code is still of 6 digits.

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