Phulara Ridge Trek – Complete Detail

First off, ridge treks are incredibly unusual in the United States. A little handful would be an exaggeration. In April of 2018, we explored the Phulara Ridge trek and found what appears to be one of the best ridge treks in the world.

Phulara Ridge Trek
Phulara Ridge Trek

Phulara Ridge Trek

One definition of a ridge is the meeting point between two mountain faces. Walking along a ridge is therefore similar to walking along a knife edge, with nothing but the steeply sloping mountain flanks on either side of you. Some Himalayan hikes have brief stretches of ridge. But nothing beats spending an entire day hiking along a phula ridge trek.

As anyone who has climbed to the top of a mountain knows, the time spent there is usually only a few minutes. From here, you can see all of the surrounding mountains in their full glory. On this hike, though, you’ll spend the better part of a day (around 4-5 hours!) at an altitude of 12,000 feet.


Achieve Kotgaon (6,397 ft)

Travel time: 9-10 hours; 190-kilometre journey; Indiahikes trekkers picked up at either the Grand Legacy Hotel Lalpul in Dehradun or the Library Chowk in Mussoorie

Starting at 6:30 AM, transportation will be arranged. This is to be split among the group of trekkers and given to the driver directly at a cost of Rs 6,500 for a 5-6 passenger SUV or Rs 10,000 for an 11-12 passenger Tempo Traveller.

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Hike from Kotgaon to Sikolta

There is an altitude gain of 6,520 feet to 8,925 feet during the course of the 4.85-kilometer trek.

A gentle climb through beautiful pine forests on a track that’s been well-marked. It’s lovely to stroll through these forests and see the sunlight filtering through the canopy while listening to the birds sing.


A hike from Sikolta to Bhoj Gadi

The hike will take you 4.45 kilometres, and it will take you between 4-5 hours to ascend between 8,925 and 11,170 feet in elevation.

A day of steady climbing brings you over the tree line of pine, Deodhar, and dwarf rhododendrons and into the Bhoj Gadi grasslands. Look out for the alpenglow of the mountain peaks as the sun goes down.


Hike the ridge of Phulara between Bhoj Gadi and Pushtara.

8.4 kilometres in length, 6 to 7 hours of hiking time, and 2,700 to 3,100 metres (11,170 to 9,860 feet) in elevation gain/loss.

The day we walked along the ridge for two or three hours was the most thrilling. The 250-degree mountains seem to be making the journey with you as you stroll up the ridge. You make your way down from the crest and into the Pushtara grasslands.


Walk the trail between Pushtara and Taluka. Take the car and go to Kotgaon.

The hike is 8.2 kilometres long, takes 6 to 7 hours to complete, and involves a drop in elevation from 9,860 feet to 6,520 feet. The corresponding drive takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

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Drop down through the part of the mixed forest that was heavier than the day before. The path is less travelled and more challenging. Keep an eye out for any paths that cross your path. Don’t close your eyes and hope you won’t get lost!


The trip from Gurgaon to Dehradun via car.

  • Travel Time: 4.5 hours | 190 kilometres 9-10 hours of time spent
  • Dehradun, Pickup Location: Hotel Grand Legacy

This is another transportation fee that hikers will need to cover and give to the driver in cash. Trekkers must split the fee with the driver, which is Rs.6,500 for a 5-6 passenger SUV or Rs.10,000 for an 11-12 passenger Tempo Traveller.

Depending on the route you choose and the weather, the distance between campsites could change by as much as 100 metres. It’s possible that the height will shift by as much as 100 feet for the same reasons.

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A copy of your photo ID and the signed Medical Certificate/Disclaimer form are required items for all hikers. This is essential for trek permissions.

Kotgaon is not serviced by any infrastructure. Do not put this, or any other necessary steps, off until later.

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We have a lodge on campus where you can stay during your time in Kotgaon.

– On the walk, you will be staying 2 in a tent

If you have a lot of stuff, we have a Cloak Room at base camp where you may store it. Leave nothing of value in the cloakroom.

Twin-share tents are not guaranteed to be in stock throughout the months of May, June, July, and August. This is because different countries supply the basic ingredients used to manufacture tents.

However, worldwide instability has hampered their export. As a result, tents are in limited supply around the world. Having said that, you’ll still have sufficient space as these tents have been intended to accommodate three hikers.


Continue Your Phulara Ridge Trip

You’ll be driving on winding mountain roads by the Yamuna River on your way to Kotgaon.

It’s possible to reach Mussoorie from Dehradun in under an hour by car. After that, you’ll travel past Mori and Purola. As you go, scenic valleys and dense forests unfold before your eyes. Nainbagh, Naugaon, Purola, Jarmola, Mori Naitwar, and Kotgaon are all settlements you’ll need to pass through.

You’ll never forget the 18 kilometres of deep pine forest that follow Purola, nor the trip through the Mori valley along the River Tons. Keep an eye out for them, please.

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