First Love Marriage In The World

Infogrepper Says for First Love Marriage In The World :- May God keep this relation of mine always. how am i I do not know !! But – every person I have met is very nice, I respect them from the bottom of my heart!!

Infogrepper Says:- I had given up the time by seeing the time, swear that you will bring such time, that Shiv Guru has given us more than our luck by taking your time !! If you don’t have shoes on your feet, don’t be sorry, there are many people in the world who don’t even have them.

infogrepper Says: – We were of glass, the world threw us, when we came at the feet of Mahadev, we became Kohinoor !!

infogrepper Says:- Our story is also like his Same Hai Yaar !!

First Love Marriage In The World

  • It is not a new discovery that the world’s first love marriage took place in India.
  • This marriage took place in Oshadhiprastha, Rajnagar of Himavan, Parvati’s with Shiva……..
  • Himavan wanted Parvati to be married to Vishnu. The matter went even further, but Parvati did not want to. She along with her friends managed to escape silently.
  • Parvati is the first teenager in the world, who has dared to love such a brahmachari who observes a vow of strict abstinence, who is not only extraordinary in nature and nature, but also does not know the language of love.
  • Shiva knows only the language of penance, so Parvati converts her love for Shiva into penance. Sometimes she does austerity by drinking smoke, sometimes by eating dry leaves, and sometimes she does absolutist austerities.
  • This is one sided love, about which Shiva knows nothing. He does not even want to know, because he is a sannyasin, a yogi, has burnt out lust, and is in a state of unbroken meditation where no thought, no action, no form can enter.
  • But the power of penance of love is so wonderful, invincible that Parvati enters there. Such a big dent in Yogiraj Shiva’s Samadhi. Distracted. Shiva was enchanted by the sacred beauty of the Taapsee girl. Devastating Shiva is helpless and helpless in front of Parvati’s request.
  • Shiva is standing in front of Parvati’s penance as a purchased slave. Silence on the matter of marriage, where each other’s eyes are invisible while drowning in the ocean.
  • Parvati, Triloksundari, grew up in a high family, Ramni Rajkanya, and on the other hand, Shiva roaming around on an old bull engrossed in Chitabhasma. Here Parvati, adorned with blessings of good fortune and good fortune, on the other hand the snake, the narcissist, Shiva with blood-stained gazskin. Lasya here, Tandava there. Here the sound of the temple, there the outcry echoed in the crematorium.
  • True love is this unique harmony of good and bad, softness and hardness, life and death, passion and disillusionment, passion and nirveda. That is why the onlookers see faith here, there nothing but faith.
  • If there is a true call, if there is a true surrender, then one day love compels even a stone to become a stream.
  • If a sage like Shiva has fallen in love with a sweet lady like Parvati, then the glory of love increases. Then the world does not seem false. The virtue of life starts climbing the stairs of heaven even in impeccable darkness.
  • After the attainment of self-realization, the penance by which Shiva, who rose from the samadhi, attained the three worlds, Parvati worshiped Shiva with the same penance. Shiva was enraged at the beauty of penance. This beauty was pure, sincere, that is why it was supernatural.
  • Parvati laid the foundation of the world by drowning in the vast form of Shiva. Love manifested itself as a reward for penance. The quietness of the crematorium reached the beautiful ear of love and became a festival of spring. The snow of Kailas-mountain melted and molded into a new life.
  • The pair of Shiva and Parvati can be called the most mismatched pair in the world, but this pair has become an unmatched example of love and dedication.
  • Eventually both were married in Oshadhiprastha. All the ethos were also done lawfully. The makeup of dispassion was seen for the first time. Himavan and Mainak donated their daughters. Thirty three crore gods became the witness of this wonderful marriage. The daughter of the Himalayas passed away.
  • Gauri, adorned with fragrant ornaments and filled with the curiosity of love, Shiva reached Gandhamadan-mountain tossing waves of excitement, and got lost somewhere in the idyllic solitude.
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