eClinicalWorks EHR Software and Its Features!

EClinicalWorks EHR Software is a clinical and administrative application that supports many practices and specialties. Its flagship product, the Meditech 6.1 web-based EHR, serves more than a hundred million patients in a variety of settings. It is available in both Mac and PC versions and is completely compatible with third-party software. It also has strong security and confidentiality features.

eClinicalWorks is compatible with both PC and Mac:

The latest version of eClinicalWorks EHR combines new-cloud services with the core EHR functionality. It offers big data, mobile features, and population health capabilities, in addition to core EHR functions. It’s also compatible with both PCs and Macs, making it a good fit for many hospitals.

eClinicalWorks offers an intuitive user interface and new features for Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). Depending on the size and complexity of your practice, you can choose between a self-service solution or an RCM service. Regardless of your needs, eClinicalWorks will help you manage patient information and financials and ensure better care.

eClinicalWorks offers customized dashboards to capture social determinants of health data:

EClinicalWorks EHR is an award-winning EHR and practice management system that provide healthcare analytics, population health data, and customizable documentation functionality. These features help medical practices of all sizes streamline front-office workflows and improve patient health outcomes. It also offers a low monthly subscription rate and no contracts or set-up fees.

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eClinicalWorks’ PDMP (Prescription Drug Monitoring Program) software makes it easier to monitor drug usage and ensure that prescriptions are legitimate. This helps reduce the number of patients whose prescriptions were not warranted. This prevents patients from shopping around for cheaper drugs and ensures that patients are provided with quality care.

Social determinants of health data can help identify patients with complicated medical histories. Traditional methods of identifying complex patients are based on a “downstream” medical model and are based on factors like number of chronic conditions, health outcomes, and hospital and ED utilization. However, social determinants affect these downstream factors, and therefore, it is important to understand patient complexity and develop appropriate interventions.

eClinicalWorks is fully interoperable with third-party software:

EClinicalWorks EHR is an integrated cloud-based EHR and revenue cycle management solution. It offers full interoperability and allows you to access patient information from anywhere, anytime with the help of a variety of applications. Moreover, it provides tools that enhance patient engagement and foster meaningful understanding of population health. As a result, eClinicalWorks helps improve healthcare and provides value to users and healthcare providers.

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eClinicalWorks is fully compatible with third-party software, including EMRs. Its comprehensive functionality is fully customizable and meets the needs of both small and large practices and enterprises. Its advanced features enable seamless integration with other software, facilitating data exchange and improving patient care. The company is a recognized leader in healthcare IT and recently announced several innovations focusing on physician burnout, interoperability, and telehealth technologies.

EClinicalWorks EHR offers strong security and confidentiality functionality:

EClinicalWorks EHR is a certified cloud-based EMR that assists physicians and nurse practitioners in transforming their practices. Its innovative solutions include telehealth, revenue cycle management, patient engagement, and interoperability. It is the largest cloud-based EHR in the U.S., with robust security and confidentiality functionality. It also includes TeleVisits, a feature that enables physicians to conduct virtual consultations with patients. The software can be used on both Apple and Android-powered devices, and provides access to patient information.

eClinicalWorks’ software includes a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) model, which helps manage billing from top to bottom. RCM functionality includes performance evaluation tools, alerts, and work queue dashboards. It can also manage denials, which are common in the healthcare industry. A team of healthcare IT experts manages these processes. Refunds are also possible through the RCM service.

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eClinicalWorks professional services division ensures a successful implementation:

MEDITECH, an Enterprise Health Record software vendor, recently announced the formation of its Professional Services division. This new division focuses on EHR implementations for large, midsize, and small healthcare organizations. These services include interoperability assessment, strategic planning, and business analytics programs.

MEDITECH’s professional services division is committed to ensuring a successful Meditech EHR Software implementation. Their consulting services are available immediately. They can assist with implementing quality initiatives, physician consulting services, interoperability assessments, and strategic planning. They can also facilitate the training of physicians and insurance professionals.

A successful Meditech EHR Software implementation depends on many factors. First, it’s important to ensure that your EHR is secure. If a natural disaster should happen, your records are not lost. Second, Meditech’s Professional Services division provides ongoing support and training for all users.

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