Fix – Cannot find module ‘request’ error in Node.js – cannot find module request

Fix – Cannot find module ‘request’ error in Node.js

In this post we will give you information about Fix – Cannot find module ‘request’ error in Node.js. Hear we will give you detail about Fix – Cannot find module ‘request’ error in Node.jsAnd how to use it also give you demo for it if it is necessary.

we are going to learn about how to fix the cannot find module ‘request’ error inNode.js.

This error occurs due to the following reasons:

  1. The request module is not installed in the correct project directory.
  2. Using the module without installing it in the project.
  3. Installed in a global context and trying to access in project local context.

To fix the error, open the project root folder in your terminal and run the following command to install the request module.

Note: Before running the below command makesure you have a package.json file in your project, if you don’t have initialize it using npm init-y.

npm install request

If you want to install a particular version of ‘request’ use the following command.

npm install request@2.88.2

If you’re still facing the error, then follow the below steps to resolve it.

  1. Remove the node_modules folder and package-lock.json file, inside your project directory by using the below command.
rm-rf node_modules package-lock.json

or you can remove it manually by right-clicking on it and select the delete option.

  1. Clear the npm cache.
npm clean cache --force
  1. Re-install the node modules again by running the npm install command.
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Verify now if you’ve installed it correctly or not by opening the package.json file and check for request module in the dependencies object.

 "dependencies": {     //...    "request": "^2.88.2",    //.. other packages }


The can’t find module request error occurs, if you’re trying to access a request module that is not currently installed in your project. To solve the error install the request module in your project root directory by running the npm install request command.

If you don’t have a package.json file inside your project, then initialize it by usingnpm init -y.

Hope this code and post will helped you for implement Fix – Cannot find module ‘request’ error in Node.js. if you need any help or any feedback give it in comment section or you have good idea about this post you can give it comment section.

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