Bihar Board Class 10 Syllabus PDF

The Bihar Board Class 10 syllabus PDF consists of all the topics covered in Class 10 and also includes the marks assigned to each topic. It also includes the subtopics and their marks. This is a valuable resource for students who are interested in learning more about the syllabus. Below are some of the topics that are covered in this syllabus.


The Bihar Board class 10 science syllabus is a valuable tool that students can use to prepare for their class ten science examinations. It acts as an outline, presenting the topics covered in the class and enabling students and teachers to plan the lessons accordingly. The syllabus also helps students understand complex concepts and phenomena.

The syllabus covers all subjects that are included in the secondary school examination. In addition, the Board also prescribes optional subjects. For instance, students studying for the Bihar board class 10 science exam can take Hindi, Urdu, and Bangla as optional subjects.


Bihar board class 10 mathematics syllabus is a very helpful study material for students who want to excel in their exams. Mathematics is a complicated subject, so it is important for students to know the entire course thoroughly before they take up their exams. In addition, Bihar board class 10 mathematics syllabus is also a great resource for teachers, who can plan their lessons according to the syllabus.

There are a few things to remember about the Bihar board class 10 mathematics syllabus. First of all, it is important to understand the structure of the syllabus. Generally, the syllabus for this subject is divided into easy and difficult parts. Students should try to score the highest possible grade in the easy subjects, as this will boost their average and help them compensate for the marks they lose in difficult subjects. Second, students should divide their study time into sections, taking breaks between study sessions. Third, students should practice solving model papers and revise their topics regularly.


The Bihar board class 10 English syllabus is divided into four sections – Reading, Writing, Crammer, and Textbook. It is very important to study the syllabus well and complete the topics and tests in a timely manner. You should plan your study time in the correct order and start working on the easier subjects first, then concentrate on the tougher ones.

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You can download the Bihar board class 10 English syllabus from the official website and prepare yourself for the examination. The PDF is easily downloadable and you can print it out to study later. The syllabus includes all the chapters, topics, and sub-topics.

Social studies

The Bihar Board Class 10 syllabus is an important document to have for the upcoming academic year. It gives a brief introduction to the course and gives a general idea of what will be covered in each unit. Students should study the syllabus well before the beginning of the academic year to ensure that they are fully prepared for the exam.

Bihar board class 10 syllabus includes the following topics:

General knowledge

The Bihar board has revised the syllabus for Class 10 for the academic year 2022-23. The General Knowledge paper will cover topics related to Economics, History, Civics, Geography, Current Events, and Physical Science. The syllabus aims to provide students with a basic understanding of these subjects.

This syllabus is divided into easy and difficult sections. Students should concentrate more on the easy subjects, as they will earn higher marks in these sections. This will also help them raise their overall average and balance out the marks they lose in the difficult subjects. Moreover, it is important to make a timetable for each subject, and take breaks in between. Students must also complete the BSEB 10th model papers and revise the topics regularly.

This syllabus is derived from the textbooks published by the Bihar State Board. Students can access these textbooks from their schools or obtain them from the Bihar Board. Bihar board class 10 general knowledge syllabus contains the topics listed in the textbook.

English language

The Bihar board class 10 syllabus includes a variety of subjects such as English language and mathematics. In addition to these core subjects, students are also required to take one of the optional subjects, such as social science or Hindi. Regardless of whether you choose to take these optional subjects or not, it is important to review the syllabus so that you are prepared for the examination.

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The Bihar board class 10 syllabus is a useful resource that provides a structured learning plan for students and teachers. The syllabus gives students and teachers a reference for planning their classes and studying strategies. It is also convenient to read and can be printed out easily, allowing students to refer to it while studying. It also features topics and chapters for each subject, so that students can quickly find the topics they need.

English language paper

The Bihar Board has recently released the model paper for the 10th class English language examination. This model paper is useful for students appearing in the Class 10th examination as it will help them to understand the exam pattern and gauge their level of preparation. As exams approach, students feel an increase in pressure to perform well.

Students can download the Bihar Board class 10 English language paper by following the steps given below. They can also refer to the previous year’s model paper to help them understand the type of questions to expect. Then they can prepare for the exams.

Science paper

It is crucial for students to have an understanding of the Bihar board class 10 science paper syllabus before appearing for the exam. Knowing what will be covered in the exam will help students understand the topics and build confidence to perform well. It will also help them make an effective study plan. There are two parts to the exam: the theory paper and the practical test. Each paper has its own set of questions and marks.

The syllabus is divided into easy and difficult subjects. Students should pay special attention to the easy subjects and aim to get the highest grade in these subjects. This will increase their overall average and balance out the marks they lose in the more difficult subjects. Students should also make timetables and schedule study sessions accordingly. Moreover, students should take breaks in between study sessions to ensure that they are able to revise the topics well.

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Social studies paper

For students preparing for the 10th board examination, referring to the Bihar board class 10 syllabus for social studies is an essential step. You will be able to know what the topic is about, what types of questions will be asked, and other important information that will help you pass the examination. The syllabus is available both in Hindi and English.

The Bihar board class 10 social studies syllabus is composed of four major subjects: History, Geography, Political Science, and Economics. The main topics of the paper are Nationalism in India, the Age of Industrialisation, the Lifelines of the National Economy, and Consumer Rights.

General knowledge paper

There are numerous free online resources to get the answers to Bihar board class 10 general knowledge paper. One of these sources is CollegeDekho, an education news portal run by the Telekom group. This website allows students to download free sample papers. These sample papers can help students prepare for their exam.

General knowledge is very important for students because it improves their perception of the world. It helps them understand the context of a situation and allows them to think logically. It also helps them become better people. Therefore, it is highly recommended for students to read various publications, watch educational channels, and read newspapers.

The Bihar board has released sample papers of previous years. These sample papers will help students know the kind of questions to expect during their exam. They will be able to understand the nature of the test and learn how to answer them confidently. They can also download the GK question paper of their class to practice for their exam.

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