apna app Real Or Fake – Apna App Review | Work From Home Jobs in 2024

Complete information about Apna App, know here! – You must have heard about Apna app. But do you know what is your app, how to download it and it is real that fake.

If you do not know then this article is going to be very beneficial for you. Today, through this article, we will tell you the important information related to apna app. To get all the information related to Apna app, definitely read the article till the end.

What is Apna App?

Apna app is a free job searching app. In which you can easily find a good paying job at the desired place for you. This app helps you to find good jobs as well as upgrade your professional skills. Currently, it has more than 22 million users registered. It was launched in June, 2019.

You can download and use this app from Google Play Store for free without any charge. With Apna App you can get your dream job in very less time. apna.co is the official site of Apnatime Tech Private Limited.

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Features of Apna App:

  • Apna App is completely free for all users.
  • In this app, if any employer demands any kind of money, then you can report them in the app.
  • The job posted in Apna App is verified, so that no job fraud can happen.
  • He does not charge any fees for getting people jobs on his platform.
  • Apna app helps in skill development for 70+ job category.
  • No financial details like bank account number, UPI, etc. are ever asked in Apna App.
  • The data entered in Apna app is completely safe.
  • With the help of this app, you can easily find full time and part time jobs.

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Apna App Real or Fake:

According to our reviews, Apna App takes the trust and safety of all its users seriously. They do not allow content that promotes fraud, abuse, mlm/network marketing, job fraud. So Apna App is a real app where you can easily find job.

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Apna App connects job seekers with employers, it is not directly involved in the conversation between job seeker and employer. However, they do have a ‘report’ feature, through which users can inform them about any unprofessional conversations they have with an employer.

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Apna App – FaQs:

What is the name of the founder of Apna app?

  • The name of the founder of Apna App is Nirmit Parikh.

Apna app is the application of which country?

  • Apna App is India’s application.

Is Apna App safe to use?

  • As per our review Apna App is completely safe to use.

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