1 MHz to kHz conversion

1 MHz = 1000 kHz

What Is a Megahertz?

A megahertz (MHz) is a unit of frequency equal to one million cycles per second. It is commonly used to measure the frequency of electromagnetic waves, including radio waves, microwaves, and computer processor clock speeds.

In computing, megahertz typically refers to the speed of the CPU (central processing unit) in a computer, indicating how many millions of cycles the CPU can execute per second. However, with advancements in technology, processor speeds are now often measured in gigahertz (GHz), which equals one billion cycles per second, or even higher frequencies.

What Is a Kilohertz?

A kilohertz (kHz) is a unit of frequency equal to one thousand cycles per second. It is commonly used to measure the frequency of sound waves, electrical signals, and radio waves. Kilohertz is often used in the context of audio signals, such as the frequency range of human hearing (approximately 20 Hz to 20 kHz) or the bandwidth of communication systems.

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Additionally, kilohertz is used in various scientific and technical fields to describe the rate of oscillation or vibration of different phenomena.

How Many Kilohertz Are in a Megahertz?

There are 1,000 kilohertz in a megahertz, which is why we use this value in the formula above.

Megahertz to Kilohertz Conversion Table

Table showing various megahertz measurements converted to kilohertz.
Megahertz Kilohertz
0.001 MHz 1 kHZ
0.002 MHz 2 kHZ
0.003 MHz 3 kHZ
0.004 MHz 4 kHZ
0.005 MHz 5 kHZ
0.006 MHz 6 kHZ
0.007 MHz 7 kHZ
0.008 MHz 8 kHZ
0.009 MHz 9 kHZ
0.01 MHz 10 kHZ
0.02 MHz 20 kHZ
0.03 MHz 30 kHZ
0.04 MHz 40 kHZ
0.05 MHz 50 kHZ
0.06 MHz 60 kHZ
0.07 MHz 70 kHZ
0.08 MHz 80 kHZ
0.09 MHz 90 kHZ
0.1 MHz 100 kHZ
0.2 MHz 200 kHZ
0.3 MHz 300 kHZ
0.4 MHz 400 kHZ
0.5 MHz 500 kHZ
0.6 MHz 600 kHZ
0.7 MHz 700 kHZ
0.8 MHz 800 kHZ
0.9 MHz 900 kHZ
1 MHz 1,000 kHZ
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How to convert MHz to kHz

1kHz = 0.001MHz


1MHz = 1000kHz

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